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  1. "CGI IRL" - Official Cybertruck Twitter/X

    This should come with a NSFW warning
  2. Tesla not following reservation order numbers

    So what if I have both a California and a Utah address, but want to register the truck in Utah? Should I still use the California address to get the truck sooner? Getting sick of jumping through hoops…
  3. Tesla not following reservation order numbers

    I have a pre order from day 1, 2019 for the tri motor; then I ordered the other two tiers on delivery event day. Now I’m worried they will skip over my original order number because they see it won’t take a lot of convincing to get me to buy. Should I cancel my newer orders and just keep the one...
  4. Videos: Good build quality (panel gaps) on Cybertruck driven by Elon + interior / display screen / ambient lighting

    Are the sunvisors down or up? It looks like front seat passengers won’t even be able to enjoy that glass roof.
  5. Spotted in Cupertino 10/7!

    oh maybe we were outside Cupertino at that point? We had just left the Apple visitor center and turned right. We first spotted it at the corner of Tantau and Homestead
  6. Spotted in Cupertino 10/7!

    Yeah… I’m definitely going to keep my pre-order..