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  1. Remember the Cyberquad

    So do you think that is is revealed in final form at the Cybertruck delivery evet ? It was supposed to be an add on for the Cybertruck but I have seen almost nothing since 2019 on it ? Anyone else ?
  2. Factory delivery / pick up of Cyber Truck

    So i love Austin and was wondering if anyone has done factory pick up with other models. I would love top fly in and pick up my truck then drive it from Texas to SC with my son who will be 13 or 14 depending on the delivery times . We would eat some BBQ tour the factory , and learn how to use...
  3. How much does it cost currently at a super charge to fill up?

    I understand it depends on battery pack and I assume the location ,but with a current Tesla if i am traveling down hwy and stop to use a super charge how much am i paying on average? An example gas prices vary greatly but it generally currently is about $50.00 a tank.