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  1. DFW

    Ryobi & Cybertruck

    Ryobi and Cybertruck are completely compatible voltage systems. Cybertruck 48vdc owners can plug in Roybi 40vdc yard tools directly into their Cybertrucks and run and charge any Roybi yard tools.
  2. DFW

    Tesla supplier CATL announces new MP3 battery with 430 miles of range

    Shanghai Tesla China now has built and is selling the Model Y with CATL MP3 battery modules. What is MP3? CATL MP3 are just a flat LFP battery module, same as Berlin Tesla's B.Y.D. blade flat LFP battery. but It seems CATL has improved their flat LFP configuration and LFP chemistry. Nice A...
  3. DFW

    New Model Y

    Tesla is building a new Model Y with blade LFP batteries. The new Model Y will be available at the end of the month (August 21, 2022). Why Berlin? and Why flat LFP? I guess Tesla Berlin is sort of new production line and not fully ramped up due to battery limitations. So tooling for a flat...
  4. DFW

    StarLink for CT Tesla

    Flat phased array flat StarLink Antenna called Flat High-Performance Maritime Antenna New Just like 787 or 777 or F-35 have. Molded into the plastic hood or plastic trunk lid. Simple invisible flat antenna. Very very low cost phased array StarLink antenna molded into plastic trunk hood or fwd...
  5. DFW

    Tesla Clones

    Tesla Clones Tesla with all its 4 factories in full swing is only 3% of sales. BEV will still be a drop in the bucket. The wish or hope. To clean up Earth BEV sales need to be 50-60% and the only way to do that is with all the ICE want to be BEV car makers to do a 100% BEV switch. Yes BEV still...