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  1. Iacemoe

    Does everyone believe FSD will be viable in the next 3 years? 5 years? 10 years?

    It all comes down to the data. Once Tesla can show that it has safety data that far exceeds human capability while fully autonomous without intervention, its only a matter of time. Whamo already is getting the ball rolling regulation wise in geo fenced areas, so Tesla isn't a first mover there...
  2. Iacemoe

    Cybertruck vs Hummer EV

    They dont want it to appeal to the mass market. Battery supply limited most likely. If they sell 20k of these a year it will be enough (~2 bil in revenue). I mean each pack is probably 200kwh. Estimate over $20k just for the battery alone and achieve 350 miles of range. Thing is a hog...
  3. Iacemoe

    Tesla has shot at producing 500,000 vehicles this year, Musk says in memo

    No PR team anymore. What were they going to ask? I guess production vs deliveries is the caveat. Either way, to potentialy meet guidance during a pandemic is unbelievable. I cant wait to see what the financials look like for Q3. I bet they made 500m+.
  4. Iacemoe

    Is Cybertruck disposable?

    So i know this isn't a uni-body platform, however I think the repair process and techniques with probably be similar. If there is damage to a critical structural point, I don't think a repair will be possible. I bet if you have Tesla insurance they would love to bring back totaled trucks that...
  5. Iacemoe

    Cybertrucks Will Have Larger Parking Spots at Tesla Superchargers

    Been driving 1/2 ton 4 door pickups for the past 20 years. Just going from all mirror spot location and visuals to a backup camera was amazing. Really made the process of parking in tighter spots less puckering and confidence building. Not to mention hooking up a trailer. Turned that into a one...
  6. Iacemoe

    Tesla is working on HW4.0 self-driving chip with semiconductor company TSMC with a timeline for mass production in Q4 2021

    My guess is that the new chip will be around the same TDP as the current model. From what I've seen of teslas electronics is that they are very densely populated. If they had stated that the next gen chip was going to be designed for efficiency purposes rather than a 3x performance increase over...
  7. Iacemoe

    Cybertruck badge ideas

    Badges? We don't need no stinking badges. I take the badges off my vehicles now. I would do the same with the CT. Looks so much cleaner.
  8. Iacemoe

    Need Opinion

    Gotcha. But why do you think they are risky short term? If they gain S&P 500 inclusion, the stock could go nuts. Even if they report a small Q2 loss and then show strong profits in Q3 they could still be included. With that said. I sold some shares this week.
  9. Iacemoe

    Recovered Cybertruck Hater

    Wait... you guys get pins?
  10. Iacemoe

    Need Opinion

    Cool. So why do you consider tsla risky?
  11. Iacemoe

    Need Opinion

    Hedge your position. Buy 20k of tesla stock and the rest into your mortgage.
  12. Iacemoe

    Recovered Cybertruck Hater

    I wish they would display it with with the suspension lowered to the minimum usable ride height. Might give a different overall impression.
  13. Iacemoe

    Is 4th Quarter 2021 a realistic delivery date for the Cybertruck?

    If it were any other company besides Tesla, then I would agree with your concern. The shared manufacturing techniques and pure materials science synergy with Space X can't be ignored. If this were a Nikola Motors venture, then I would have already laughed myself out of the room.
  14. Iacemoe

    Cybertruck premium audio

    No I don't think we know any details at this point. The OP stated that there are going to be dual subs under the seats, but i haven't seen anything to confirm that. I was just providing a link to the current audio upgrade options that require a move to premium interior. No clue if CT will have...
  15. Iacemoe

    Cybertruck premium audio

    Gotcha, I dont own one but a buddy has a M3 performance and all I know is that sound system is ridiculous. I remember asking him if it was the upgraded audio system and he confirmed. Good info to know that almost all made now are "Premium audio with immersive sound." I don't know about dual...
  16. Iacemoe

    Cybertruck premium audio

    Partial Premium Interior Includes: 12-way power adjustable heated front seats Premium seat material and trim Upgraded audio – immersive sound Premium Interior Includes: 12-way power adjustable front and rear heated seats Premium audio – 14 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amps, and immersive sound...
  17. Iacemoe

    This is how i want my CT dashboard

    I'd rather stick with the 17" screen. That monstrosity of a display is way too distracting.
  18. Iacemoe

    Maybe Single motor is all you need?

    Cool thanks. It's funny but that's exactly what the only upgrade option is right now for people that need / want AWD. A little more range to 300 and another motor for 10k.
  19. Iacemoe

    Maybe Single motor is all you need?

    I really think if they offered single motor 500mi range for under $50k they could catch a wider market share. Even 400mi+ single motor would raise more interest. More range and motor options should be available. Something like: Single Motor 250mi+ = 39k 325mi+ = 44k 400mi+ = 49k 500mi+ = 55k...