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  1. M3 towing an Airstream video

    Yes, driving 20 mph below the speed limit for 1000 miles on interstate highways to Florida will slow down thousands of others with any traffic at all. I personally wouldn’t do it. But I feel bad when I towed over mountains and would rarely drop below 65-70 mph. This whole scenario is...
  2. M3 towing an Airstream video

    Mentions at 90 km per hour (55.8 mph) have a 100 mile range and then needing to spend an hour charging. If you count drive plus charging he’ll average 35.8 mph. He mentions driving to Florida from Ontario! He is going to slow down thousands of others unless he speeds up and then probably need to...
  3. View out of Rear Window

    I almost never use the rearview mirror on my Bolt. The camera almost eliminates blind spots completely. It takes a few days to get used to seeing everything behind you in every lane. All vehicles should offer this.
  4. FSD will get $2k price increase 10/29

    Even if Tesla manages to get a few CTs on the road by 1st quarter 2021, FSD isn’t going to be fully developed yet. That is likely at least a couple more years after that. I’m not going to be leasing any of my vehicles out. Why would I pay for something that may take 3-4 years to be delivered as...
  5. First Cybertruck Deliveries by End of 2021 - Says Musk on Q3 Earnings Call

    Hopefully none of these will lose their bumper in the rain. I’m about number 35000 in line, I hope I get one in 2022. I certainly wouldn’t take the first batch given Tesla‘s track record. They also Just did away with their 7 day return policy. You’d have to be real brave, rich and or stupid to...
  6. Range reduction when towing.

    The reduction in range won't be the same mountains or not. There will be a bigger reduction in range the harder the motors need to work to get up an incline. While this is true for a vehicle not towing it won't be a linear response at all with double the weight scenario you gave.
  7. Are you going to buy the Cyberquad ATV? [Poll]

    I just don't need one. Maybe when I'm in my 70s if my body really breaks down. But I always marvel at the stupidity of people that use ICE ATV/UTVs to elk hunt. In the Rocky Mountains from NM to Wyoming, Ive seen them spook every Elk within miles. These fools should switch to electric if they...
  8. Range reduction when towing.

    Climbing and going down hills and mountains will surely effect range. However unlike ICE with up to 40% reduction in HP at 10,000 ft, I don't see how any electric motor is going to be impacted much by elevation other than a bit thinner air(and lower drag). My current EV certainly doesn't feel...
  9. Cybertruck Options - When?

    Maybe in a year. Relax it's just a vehicle.
  10. Tesla has shot at producing 500,000 vehicles this year, Musk says in memo

    I would at the beginning of the quarter. But no way would I buy one at the end of the quarter when they push out makeshift parts on some vehicles to hit 500,000 for the year. Hopefully someday Tesla gets serious about producing vehicles from 1st vehicle out to end of the quarter/year vehicles .
  11. Whoever ordered before Dec 2019 will bank $

    I’m about #35000 in que. Given Tesla’s track record on not beta testing and initial build quality I wouldn’t take 1 too much earlier than I’m going to get. Not sure many will pay more than a few grand to avoid the que. You can keep dreaming but reality will eventually wake you up. Besides the...
  12. Cybertruck Gigafactory Location Will Be More Than Halfway to East Coast

    Joplin would be a good choice with those incentives, central location, blue color workforce with good interstate access. The Cybertruck isn't going to have to worry about hail denting it. It won't end top in Texas with their open hostility toward Tesla. Joplin is only a couple hundred miles...