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  1. JJ_Tex

    Ford Co-pilot Active Assist reviews

    Unfortunately due to a wreck (everyone is okay), we are down a car and I need to accelerate my buying of a truck to the next 30 days or so. That obviously takes the CT, Lightning, or any other EV off the table for this purchase. I've been looking at Ford and am intrigued by their Active...
  2. JJ_Tex

    Tesla Boats/Watercraft?

    We took out the boat and jetski this weekend and it struck me that those would be perfect candidates for EVs. They do not get used more than a few hours at a time, you have plenty of time in between uses to recharge, you generally store them in locations with electricity already, the...
  3. JJ_Tex

    New Tundra

    I live by the Toyota North America HQ and when I drove by last night they had a teaser on their LED sign on their building teasing the new Tundra. Has anyone heard anything about it and if it will have an EV option? I personally have always liked the looks of the Tundra, but have been...
  4. JJ_Tex

    Renting a Tesla?

    I'm taking a trip to Montana this summer and there is a severe rental car shortage and I'm not able to get a reservation through the traditional car rental companies. My plan B is to rent a car through Since I have only peen a passenger in a Tesla, I figured I would try and rent one...
  5. JJ_Tex

    Self park into/out of garage?

    1st post, thanks for having me. I have been reading a ton on this forum over the last few weeks trying to learn about the Cybertruck, Tesla, and EVs in general. I do have a question on the ability of the CT to go into/out of the garage automatically. I have a standard 2 car garage and...