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  1. T Sportline

    First 24" Wheels for Cybertruck have launched! CT7 Forged by T Sportline

    24" has arrived, the biggest yet! Seeing this in person, the larger wheel does a great job balancing some focus off the tire sidewall and giving the truck sideview and 3/4 view a more structured and edgy look, consistent with the overall polarizing Cybertruck design language. These have the...
  2. T Sportline

    Matte Dark Gray (3M) - T Sportline DIY Wrap Kit

    Freshly installed! The contrast is just right with the black trim 🔥 18" CT7 Wheels...
  3. T Sportline

    18" Wheels for Cybertruck Explained

    Happy to say our 18" wheels are in stock, details explained in the video below. Check out the wheels here: Video:
  4. T Sportline

    DIY Vinyl Wrap & PPF Kits popping! [T Sportline]

    We are officially using our own DIY kits 'in-house' now too! Makes the job easier for pros too, for sure! Our templates are dialed in 👌🏻 This job is Matte Dark Gray (3M).... Check this kits out here...
  5. T Sportline

    CT7 Fully Forged Cybertruck Wheels - 7 Spoke Lightweight Design with Dual Knurled Beads by T Sportline

    The T Sportline CT7 wheel features a 7-spoke design which aligns perfectly with the 7 aero panels embossed in factory Goodyear tires. The Cybertruck factory aero cover features a 7 sided hex center which has been re-imagined with the CT7 narrow spoke geometric design. This wheel features...
  6. T Sportline

    TCT AeroMaxx Wheels & Aero Covers - 20" Flow Forged wheels by T Sportline

    T Sportline designers and engineers created the TCT wheel for Tesla Cybertruck from a clean sheet with a strategic vision of bringing a wheel design to market that would look like a factory Tesla upgrade option. TCT balances a sporty vibe together with the functional performance gain in...
  7. T Sportline

    Cyber Steelie Wheels for Cybertruck - 20" TCS Forged Alloy Steel Wheels by T Sportline

    This rugged wheel is one of a kind, designed to be plenty strong for the most aggressive Cybertruck usage, while preserving a the DNA of Cybertruck design language. The TCS 20" alloy steel wheel is uniquely tooled to fit Cybertruck perfectly. The fitment and offset, hub sizing, lug nut bores...
  8. T Sportline

    New Fully Forged Monoblock Wheels with Full Aero Face & Floating Center Caps (CTM by T Sportline)

    T Sportline's new CTM (Tesla Cybertruck Monoblock) fully forged wheel lineup has been engineered specifically to balance range preserving aero-efficient monoblock look while still retaining proper structural integrity for aggressive Tesla Cybertruck driving. The CTM forged wheel also features...