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  1. ProtectaClear Cybertruck Application Video w/ Before & After Results

    Thanks for getting this out to CT lovers. The only thing missing was , how frequently it has to be applied and how to limit the number of reapplications? Will the build up from several applications have any negative affect?
  2. ProtectaClear Before and After Photos / Results

    Thanks, I wont make the mistake of recommending it again.
  3. Cybertruck spots/corrosion

    Have you tried an application of Bar keeper friend polish and spray afterwards with windex?
  4. Introducing ProtectaClear: the smart coating option to protect your 30X stainless steel factory finish

    I’m waiting for their YouTube video, as promised on their website. Has anyone applied this Everbrite Coatings on their Cybertruck.? I hope it’s legit, i want stainless steel forever.
  5. Inozetek Metallic Midnight Green Cybertruck Vinyl Wrap 🔥

    We might be able to decide early if we had a better idea of the cost to wrap them. I’d like to but my priority is to get the tri-motor.