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  1. ir6ub9

    Tesla App Update Includes Cybertruck! - Decompiled iOS 6 Update (Dec 2023)

    The Cybertruck themed Tesla App looks fresh. It appears you will have access to the front, side and back cameras from the app, not sure about interior.
  2. ir6ub9

    Whats the latest on cyberlandr

    Any updates
  3. ir6ub9

    Tesla App Decompiled - Cybertruck Programmimg
  4. ir6ub9

    NDWoodArt builds a Cybertruck out of steel and wood

    Amazing craftsmanship...
  5. ir6ub9

    Aftermarket Wheels - CYBRHEX

    Saw an interesting update from driveteslacanada offering a honeycomb type wheel that looks tough. Ref Link: