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  1. ir6ub9

    Accelerate your Cybertruck delivery with 30,000 Referral Credits

    Just cancelled my reservation, and getting my $100 back. This pretty much turns me off to the cybertruck. Between the wait, the selective "foundation" lottery, the slow charge time, the rusting and the dismal range I just can't keep my faith. That range is laughable and really won't work for...
  2. ir6ub9

    How many are buying CT that DONT actually NEED a truck?

    Got a truck already but loved the announced ct specs etc. What we have now I will still get the ct but also keep my current truck to be able to take trips within New Mexico I cant with the ct.
  3. ir6ub9

    2024 Silverado EV WT Range Officially EPA Certified

    ...but it does come with a huge frunk, a midgate with pass though, and flex tail gate...just saying
  4. ir6ub9

    New PowerShare emails: Cybertruck Foundation Series owners get 1 year supercharging credit if they're not eligible for install

    I think they are only doing the newer ones that install in the meter itself and currently only available in a few states. The old way had a sub panel and acceptable by most states.
  5. ir6ub9

    Foundation Series Remorse

    BTW currently in Austin but cant see a cybertruck to save my life. My folks live really close to the Giga Factory. I drove by there but difficult to get to the front.
  6. ir6ub9

    Foundation Series Remorse

    The cybertruck at this point is a smoke show. It is kewl and has a lot of great tech but that range is serious shit...despite some of the forum using brain tricks to try and show why its good or not as bad as folks arr making it out to be. IF I GET THIS TRUCK I WILL STILL NEED MY TUNDRA. My...
  7. ir6ub9

    Sub-2% conversion rate on Foundation series

    One hypothetical might be, Tesla will let the Foundations ride through the end of the first quarter of 2024 (March) to help boost the earnings call (Crissa may be on to something with a "time" event). This may be evidenced (be on the look out) with Elon making a U-turn on Cybertruck's Autopilot...
  8. ir6ub9

    Homelink in Foundation Series

    I assume it exist as there is a house icon along the top (Bluetooth icon, WIFI icon etc.) Also there was an earlier pic of the UI (the one truck without a rearview mirror) which shows the area it's set up at I think.
  9. ir6ub9

    GLOSS BLACK Cybertruck completed - first look video

    Oh I know, can someone make the hood just keys from piano? HAHAHA
  10. ir6ub9

    GLOSS BLACK Cybertruck completed - first look video

    All it needs is a Bow Tie for the formal....beautiful!
  11. ir6ub9

    Final payment completed for my Foundation Series!

    This is so crazy...if financing had gone through and paid to Tesla it stands that 1 or 2 payments on the loan will happen before even having the vehicle? How did the loan go through without a vin to secure the loan? What am i missing here?
  12. ir6ub9

    Breaking: Grey Interior ("Tactical Grey") image from Foundation Series compositor source code!

    I have white seats in my x and i can tell you getting them dirty is not an issue. Tesla test them with wine blood food grease and various other items. All cleaned easy.
  13. ir6ub9

    Range for AWD Cybertruck after many real world tests

    A comparison between another tesla s3xy and a CT on a same trip route would be way more benificial. Same speeds etc. I am sure eventually we will see this type of comparison.
  14. ir6ub9

    📊 Our Cybertruck Submitted Orders Stats (From 500+ Submissions)

    According to the list there are several 1129xxx RN's. I didn't think they would have foundations in that me hope!
  15. ir6ub9

    Even Higher Beams

    FYI offroad mode is limited to 25MPH (in very high). Once you reach that I would assume the suspension lowers and the lightbar turns off. At High setting you are still ok but unsure about the lightbar action.
  16. ir6ub9

    First Cybertruck crash accident -- head on collision w/ Toyota Corolla

    Please delete didn't see this was laready posted.
  17. ir6ub9

    Frunk Auxiliary Power Tap / Power Feed Specs (48V and 400W)

    So an aftermarket plug in the frunk would be pointless as well? 15 amp plug is rated at 1800 watts.