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  1. Madmax76

    JerryRigEverything: How far can the CYBERTRUCK tow 11,000lbs in Freezing Weather?

    I’m thinking about canceling mine too. I probably won’t even tow with it but even when the truck is not hauling or towing the real world range is too low for my needs. I live in Wyoming where it’s hilly and windy with long cold winters. With Superchargers spaced out here the way they are I’ll be...
  2. Madmax76

    Cybertruck parked next to Rivian R1T and driving next to R1S

    The Rivian and CT stealthily flys by while the horse, I mean F150 is literally working itself to death trying to keep up!🤣
  3. Madmax76

    Ambient Lighting and Stainless Steel are beautiful at dusk / sunset 😍

    I ❤️ Cybertruck! Can’t wait to get mine 😁
  4. Madmax76

    SHPG Cybertruck with FRUNK OPEN! Great dead on view!

    A shadowy flight in a dangerous world in a truck that does not exist 🤣
  5. Madmax76

    Songs for the Cybertruck?

    Come with me if you want to live.
  6. Madmax76

    Cybertruck Photos Leaked! ? [Added: Video Showing Whole Truck -- Rear & Bed]

    They should get rid of the glass roof and replace it with solar panels. Same with the tonneau cover.
  7. Madmax76

    Lego Cybertruck's 10k Supporters Qualifies It For Official Production Review by Lego

    I'm waiting for someone to do a 1/18 scale model:love:
  8. Madmax76

    Still waiting....

    I feel your pain! I have an 80 mile round trip commute to work and my truck only gets about 12 mpgs.
  9. Madmax76

    What made you decide to buy your Cybertruck?

    I was on the fence for a few days after the unveil. I thought the truck was strange looking but the more I looked at it and the more research I did the more I liked it! Plus I spend waaayy too much money on fuel per month between my three vehicles. Close to 400.00 per month! So an electric...
  10. Madmax76

    Is Cybertruck the Ultimate Ender Vehicle?

    I already have my post apocalyptic vehicle;)
  11. Madmax76

    Will you use Cybertruck as a daily driver? What are you trading in?

    Daily driver. Will be trading in my 2018 Ram 2500 Power Wagon.
  12. Madmax76

    New Members Welcome Area!

    New member here. Ordered a dual motor. Can't wait!