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  1. 🍻 CyberBeer + CyberStein Limited Edition Set Giveaway! [Enter Here]

    After a hawk hit me while going 50mph. The hawk survived this! It was shook up, but after I got its head out of the grill it was ok.
  2. Control buttons for vault bed - closeup pics 🔍

    I see the value in both. My highlander liftgate had to be repaired, but when it works it works! Even better is the option to use the tailgate handle and then it becomes free moving, so you choose if u want powered or not at any time, that’s a game changer! (Does Cybertruck have a tailgate...
  3. Control buttons for vault bed - closeup pics 🔍

    Here in Northwest PA we have water mains that freeze occasionally, they electrify the pipe to thaw it… that would be a nice feature to blast the vault with low voltage, high current AC if it’s iced over. It’ll be interesting to see how it all performs, maybe they have preconditioning to defrost...
  4. Control buttons for vault bed - closeup pics 🔍

    true, but it does seem like having it on a vertical surface might have been a better idea for winter??? You have to wonder how much designers in Ca and TX just don’t consider intricacies of colder climates.
  5. Control buttons for vault bed - closeup pics 🔍

    That’s why it fits in a garage now 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. Will "Joe the Contractor" buy the CT?

    I am a contractor, not Joe, the other guy. I was driving a BMW i3 at times for small jobs to save “gas” and I got a lot of compliments. I can’t get the CT soon enough. I’d like a ladder rack but it’s not necessary. I think I might look into the sliding bed system to alleviate any issues of not...
  7. Spotted: Bike carried in Cybertruck vault bed

    I’m so thankful for these sneak peeks of my future truck… but I’m so glad I don’t have one yet. Imagine all the paparazzi they get wherever they go and whatever they do. 😄
  8. FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    And that's a Cybertruck logo in the back wall of the frunk. Animated image by @1993FordAerostar showing it more clearly. 👍 I thought that the logo really lit up, as a light for the frunk. That would be a cool upgrade!
  9. I just saw this rendering of the Cybertruck with curves!

    “The best part is no part” 🙂
  10. I just saw this rendering of the Cybertruck with curves!

    My bad, I meant to show the other side of it.
  11. Musk claim that model Y outsold every other car in Q1 disputed

    That is a good point… putting aside the debate of “who sold more units?”… How about “Who made more money per unit sold?”… and if vehicle numbers are even remotely close to Toyota, then Tesla is definitely the winner.
  12. Tesla-powered electric Humvee goes on sale for almost $100,000

    Is it the handling, or anything the Tesla power train would fix??? I would imagine it’s terrible for efficiency with the boxy design… I wonder if all the battery management is included with the battery pack, otherwise it might not last long. I’m happy to wait for the Cybertruck, I imagine it...
  13. Cybertruck Walkaround in 4K From Petersen

    At 2:10 I swear the song says “go ahead and jump in the Tesla” 😄