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  1. Anyone found snowplow info?

    I am thinking that an aftermarket heavy duty from bumper with a lockable angle fairly light plow would do a good job, just using the 10 inches of air lift the truck already has. Thoughts?
  2. 📊 Cybertruck SUBMITTED ORDERS Tracking List & Stats [Add Yours!]

    the listed reservation numbers dont look anything like myy reservation numbers. whats up?
  3. Why CyberTruck will be the BEST Truck for Plowing Snow

    There are some interesting snow plow setups for pickups, ranging from light weight manual adjustment to stainless steel vee blade with class 4 hitch mount to frame mount, Wireless controls, electric, not hydraulic actuators, and clutches and springs to limit impact forces and limit shock to the...
  4. Trailer towing wire hookups for lights and brakes? 7 way, 4 way etc?

    Indeed. The trailer connection needs to supply 14 volts for trailer battery charging for emergency brakes and for travel trailer power, as well as 12 volts for turn signals and brake lights and running lights. and then there are the braking signal and power for electric hitch lifts. I would...
  5. Tow hitch hook on Cybertruck -- closeup look without cover

    For sure!!!! TWO tow hook points outboard in front, and also in rear. Plus the 2 inch tow receiver in the rear with it's two safety chain points. These all need to be very strong. All five could be 2 inch receivers, and the user could install winches, tow hooks of any kind, or even a plow or...

    front center console removable? access from front to rear while on long trips.... hope so.

    looks like front underbelly cutouts to mount front accessories like winch mount or snow plow... :) Doesn't look like any easy way to open a passage from the back seat through to the bed. That is a bummer. :poop::poop::poop: Maybe the top secret accessory team will create a kit.... Anybody have...
  8. Supercharger Station With Pull-Through Spots For Cybertruck & EV Trucks (or Towing / Bike Racks! - Spotted at Santa Nella

    Tesla- teaching people to be considerate and efficient since 2015. 8o)))
  9. Supercharger Station With Pull-Through Spots For Cybertruck & EV Trucks (or Towing / Bike Racks! - Spotted at Santa Nella

    Tesla superchargers could be smart about allowing short cars to charge in long truck/trailer accommodating charger spaces. Simple message- "Please charge at an available single car space and leave this space for a longer vehicle!" this could even use the car's own vision and parking space...
  10. Supercharger Station With Pull-Through Spots For Cybertruck & EV Trucks (or Towing / Bike Racks! - Spotted at Santa Nella

    wouldn't angled pull through charging stations be more efficient of space, with more narrow enter/exit lanes? plus fifo waiting line works better?
  11. Bed "tonneaux" cover/cap functionality

    got it! sorry about my defensive reaction, I was indeed thinking "here on this forum." Good question- what percent of the population lives in significantly snowy states? icE pickup trucks do not have specialized plow mounts, but their underbody frames easily accept kinda universal bracket...
  12. Bed "tonneaux" cover/cap functionality

    ummm.... how do you know "nobody cares about a snow plow connection here"? I am here. That's my prime use of pickup in the winter. I count too... and snow plow connection also can allow for front winch , heavy pulling in reverse... (which is super useful, by the way and much safer than towing...
  13. Bed "tonneaux" cover/cap functionality

    IF elon is going to emphasize Cybertruck as a working mans truck, it needs three things: -a bed cap that can adjust from angled to straight back to make the bed useful, and features for quick ladder/canoe carrier add on or flip up! -a passage from the rear seat area tothe bed area allow access...