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  1. j4ypal

    First 24" Wheels for Cybertruck have launched! CT7 Forged by T Sportline

    Have you guys measured the distance between the jack points, front to back? I'm evaluating lift choices and that info would be much appreciated. Thanks for your work on CT, you give lots of great information in your CT "dissection" videos.
  2. j4ypal

    Why are YOU buying a Cybertruck?

    Fun thread seeing other members opinions! For me it's mainly: Tesla software: I've owned a Model 3 for a few years now and when I hop into our 2019 Rav4 it's like going back decades in software refinement. I'm a tech aficionado so I value good software. Also, I've seen how traditional OEMS...
  3. j4ypal

    18" Wheels for Cybertruck Explained

    I've run Nokians on my vehicles for a while now and love their snow tires. I'd very much like to get a set for my CT when it gets here in Canada. Would it be OK to run 275-65-R20 snow tires instead of the OEM size 285-65-R20...
  4. j4ypal

    Standard base aero wheels cover photos & video in motion (for Cybertrucks w/ Base Wheels)

    Yea not bad for steel wheels but I'd still prefer the look of the OEM wheel without cover. For my winter wheels, I'll go with some other alloy wheels. For my Model 3, I've been really satisfied with my RTX spider gunmetal. They change the car's look completely. They look badass and didn't cost...
  5. j4ypal

    TFL tests CT towing

    Honestly, if you need to tow any significant weight, the GM trucks seem to be better options (Silverado EV, Sierra EV). You'd lose out on some great features IMO but you'll gain quite a bit of towing range. See silverado EV videos. For me, towing is not in the plans so I'd rather get a CT...
  6. j4ypal

    Guy almost rips panel off Cybertruck.

    Watched about 25 seconds total skipping through. Total POS video. As others mentioned, the bar seems to be getting lower and lower on Youtube.
  7. j4ypal

    Canada's luxury tax not applicable to Cybertruck

    Yep. 9,169 lbs GVWR with AT tires for both trims according to EPA filings (see links above) and also according to the CT owner's manual (see this post): Edit: added link to owner's manual post
  8. j4ypal

    Tesla's Cybertruck VIN Activation Tracker (NOT Customer VIN Allocations)

    Great work! Thanks for the time you and others invested to do this.
  9. j4ypal

    Canada's luxury tax not applicable to Cybertruck

    The weights listed on tesla's website are: Dual motor: 6,603 pounds (2,995 kg) Cyberbeast: 6,843 pounds (3,104 kg) These are curb weights, not GVWR. The luxury tax rule uses GVWR (Gross vehicle weight rating) to determine if the exemption applies (not curb weight). According to these EPA...
  10. j4ypal

    Canada's luxury tax not applicable to Cybertruck

    I have not seen this discussed here and found out about this today. Canada's luxury tax does not apply to vehicles with GVWR above 8,500 pounds (3,856 kg)...
  11. j4ypal

    Took delivery of our Cybertruck! Here's what stood out so far with cool pictures 📸

    Congrats! Looking great. On the highway how would you rate the NVH (noise vibration harshness) in the cabin, compared to other vehicles you've owned?
  12. j4ypal

    Took Delivery of my Cybertruck!!! The truck is AMAZING

    What is your assesment of road noise compared to other vehicles you've owned?
  13. j4ypal

    Took Cybertruck Delivery Yesterday! (Marina Del Rey, LA CA)

    What is your assesment of road noise compared to other vehicles you've owned?
  14. j4ypal

    35" Goodyear Wrangler Territory RT All-Terrain AT Tires Info (Pricing, Specs, Photos)

    So this confirms that the all terrain premium tire Tesla will be putting on by default for CT will be that new Duratrac... I ran Duratracs on my Grand cherokee during the couple years I had it. They were a pretty good tire. I even ran them during the winter (and we have harsh winters here in...
  15. j4ypal

    Snow packed headlights - Jason Cammisa

    Link: Jason's 3-day exclusive with the Cybertruck While watching Jason Cammisa's podcast about CT, he brought up a good point (1:07:00) which I had not thought about. The slim space where the headlights sit is bound to get packed with snow, ice, slush, etc. Maybe to the point where light barely...
  16. j4ypal

    Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T size and design comparison -- parked next to each other

    That is a good point of reference, thanks. I did not realize the difference in interior space before this. Backseat space is not a dealbreaker to me, we don't have to deal with baby seats anymore and rarely haul more than 1 person back there. So this doesn't change anything for me but still...
  17. j4ypal

    Musk Expects Cybertruck Production to Begin Mid-2023 [Per Q2 Earnings Call]

    If I'm not mistaken, there has always been a delay between the start of production and deliveries, like a month or more. If nothing else, they need to go through the homologation process before the vehicles can be sold.
  18. j4ypal

    Production Start Date?!?

    I hope in my heart he's right and they will start early 2023 but I am ready for anything.