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  1. Baldey

    Elon, please dont nerf my truck's HW4 MCU

    There have been reports that although the cameras and CPU are better, the new HW4 computer is actually worse than the previous version in many ways. 8gb RAM instead of 16, and it is cheaper non-EEC type. I am hoping this is just for the MY and M3 refresh.. The extra camera inputs are for the...
  2. Baldey

    Range prediction poll

    In EPA[Elon**] miles. Only one number on this list makes sense...
  3. Baldey

    Boat dock confirmed!

    why would a car company want a boat dock :unsure: Time stamp to 7:45
  4. Baldey

    Solar CT news? Where do you plan to park your Cybertruck?

    I think solar could be huge for an "outside truck" , someone tell Musk! I live in a townhome with an attached garage, it has served my M3 well.. But I'd hate to have an EV without a garage to charge it in.. And i am slightly concerned about the CyberTruck not fitting in my standard garage. I...
  5. Baldey


    Lets brainstorm some ideas? I am on the fence about whether or not a wrap defeats the point of a tough exterior.. The way i see it, Cons: $$$ Wear Pros: Uniqueness Protection Less fingerprints, easier maintenance So if you are going to use it solely as a work truck, that's a nope. But if its...