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  1. SparkChaser

    Wiper and Cd drag coefficient?

    Since the wiper adds to a cleaner air flow over the roof, could adding a second wiper on the other size improve COD? The increased weight of the additional motor and BAW may not make it worth it.
  2. SparkChaser

    Lightning Vs CT Pricing.

    You can get 2 for the price of a CyberTruck? The CT is a much better technology but the price certainly gives me pause. I was really hoping for a better pricing on the CT. I originally ordered the single motor, and moved up to the AWD after consideration, but now I may have to go back to the...
  3. SparkChaser

    Lightning frunk and outlets

    Got a good look at the lightning Lariat Frunk , bed and outlets at the county fair. Looked good but the frunk is not as deep as I though. Nice outlets and they had it running several fans and other household items. They had a Subaru Outback like EV as well. Not very impressed with it 77k and...
  4. SparkChaser

    Ford CEO Responds to Tesla Cybertruck: “I Make Trucks for Real People Who Do Real Work”

    BS. most trucks never see more than a potted plant or a kids bike. Real work trucks can be anything from a Subaru to a Lincon. I know I will be using mine to build a house. Ford CEO Responds to Tesla Cybertruck: “I Make Trucks for Real People Who Do Real Work” - EV EDITION (
  5. SparkChaser

    Tesla lost direct sales lawsuit in Louisiana.

    Tesla loses direct sales lawsuit that aimed to fight stressful carbuying ( Saw this comment and I think it is a great idea! Or, Tesla could just buy a big Ferry, that can hold 500+ Vehicles, and covert part of it to a Shop, part to a Restaurant, part to a Motel/Cruise Ship...
  6. SparkChaser

    Multiply CTs in the Optimus Video.

    Near the end of the tweeted video for Optimus is several shots with 3 or possibly more CTs.
  7. SparkChaser

    Vault Mounted solar panel system

    From Tesla Cybertruck (@TeslaCybertruck) / Twitter
  8. SparkChaser

    Super high energy density battery for commercial passenger planes?

    500 wh /kg. ALSMOST DOUBLE THE 4680. CATL shares energy-dense battery that will power electric planes (
  9. SparkChaser

    Building a better battery?

    This NASA tech might just spur a major grid battery… | Canary Media Probably not for vehicles but stationary storage.
  10. SparkChaser

    Going to the Peterson next week. So excited to see a CT in person

    I am so excited to see a CT in person. I will be there next Wednesday.
  11. SparkChaser

    Rivian vs Lightening Sled pull

    Rivian R1T Vs Ford F-150 Lightning: 30,000-Pound Tractor Pull Trial (
  12. SparkChaser

    New EV credits qualified.

    Does Tesla meet these requirements? a percentage of battery components being manufactured in North America. Yes. The legislation mandates that 40 percent of the value of the minerals used in the electric vehicles’ batteries are extracted or processed from countries where the U.S. has a free...
  13. SparkChaser

    Adding your reservation to the tesla app?

    Ok I made my reservation in 2019, but it has never shown up in my app. I only set up the app about 15 months ago so some time after the reservation. I just do not see how to add the reservation, Order to the app. Any suggestions?
  14. SparkChaser

    No Resale on the Lightning

    Ford F-150 Lightning buyers face a no-resale agreement (
  15. SparkChaser

    Musk as Han Solo :)

    Interesting take on Musk. Elon Musk isn't Tony Stark — he's Han Solo - The Post (
  16. SparkChaser

    Einride Trailer adds range to EV truck

    Make the trailer carry the battery and you can really extend the range. Einride Trailer Comes With 350kWh Battery To Add 400 Miles Of Range (
  17. SparkChaser

    Tesla TOken???

    So it says if you own a Tesla Token you will be one of the first to receive the truck. WTF???
  18. SparkChaser

    Rivian sighting

    I followed and circled a Green Rivan for about 30 mins while Driving on 280 Northbound between San Jose and San Francisco. I was surprised that it seemed smaller. I was in my 2000 Ford Ranger XLT and I think it was pretty close in size. The bed seems very short. I am envious of the gear locker...
  19. SparkChaser

    Biden official shares insights after meeting with Tesla’s Elon Musk in Giga Texas

    Biden official shares insights after meeting with Tesla’s Elon Musk in Giga Texas (
  20. SparkChaser

    Multiple Battery "Options"?

    Tesla Now Has Multiple Battery Options: Which One Should You Choose? ( Not so sure it is an Option. You may be able to rig some of the outcome and possible delay a delivery in order to try for a Texas vehicle or later battery.