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  1. Tesla is Not Treating Us Like Customers

    CTs are not "sold out". There are many reservation holders but until they purchase a CT there is no sale. Tesla will convert some reservations into sales early but as the CT loses its novelty people will base purchasing decisions on more practical things like price, range, quality, cost of...
  2. “Brittle AI” surfaces in vision-based training systems

    As a human there are many times I anticipate human behavior including humans doing stupid things including speeding up and running red lights at nearly every intersection every day, not using turn signals, cutting corners, road rage, and distracted drivers. Reading the road is psychology as...
  3. Foundation Series Cybertruck -- Clarified

    Had to look that up... Thanks for the ego boost: there is something worse than my poetry! I was thinking a rear wheel drive CT that came with road tires for urban drivers who gently, and comfortably, go from point A to B. I have a 21 MY and it is a great car but the suspension is brutal and...
  4. Wiring genius: 48v power + data CAN bus

    I am behind the times regarding processors etc. but I recall the voltage for computer chips being ~3 volts, same for LEDs etc. I guess there is always some DC-DC converter involved with any supply voltage. I am curious about low voltage DC home standards as well because I really have a dislike...
  5. Foundation Series Cybertruck -- Clarified

    I’ll wait for the heavily discounted series.
  6. Jason Camissa's Cybertruck Review Video & Podcast -- A MUST WATCH

    I doubt there is a boat mode. I have seen this video and the top gear video and somewhere Franz and an engineer mentioned that the rear SS panels contributed ~25% to the torsional rigidity. I had guessed 10% because, with the exception of the doors the SS trim and front fenders are attached...
  7. Look at all these Cybertrucks lined up at Giga Texas ahead of delivery event!! 🤩

    Perhaps they are going with the dusty cowboy or construction worker vibe.
  8. 265 mi range at 90% shown in demo Cybertruck driven by Marques Brownlee MKBHD

    Wild speculation alert!!!! There were images of a CT display with 600+ miles range. Perhaps there is some way to add auxiliary battery storage, in a trailer? Consider how Tesla engineers ponder the larger battery problem where long range is only required rarely. It may make more sense to put...
  9. First Canadian Showroom Cybertruck - Vancouver

    depends where you park it... avoid certain parts of town...
  10. Same Casting- Multiple Options?

    Given the cost of the tooling and machines it would be a design requirement to use the same castings for all CTs. I also think these castings could be used for a Van. There are auxiliary castings bolted onto the rear casting for sail mount points and another for the tailgate.
  11. 6 Cybertruck Caravan Heading Towards Giga Texas (Video) 🤩

    we got ourselves a convoy... (cue the old truckers song)
  12. Actual real tape measurements at last!

    300 series SS is non-magnetic to very slightly magnetic. Those magnetic signs will not work.
  13. Cybertruck showroom locations tracker (

    It would end up in Scottsdale. The Fashion square showroom is upstairs and they do have vehicles there but perhaps the CT is too big? Seems odd that Tesla would not have one in AZ. Maybe they place the trucks based on where they have the most preorders.
  14. 1 week....and still clueless on price

    or leave it overnight in an cow pasture... Teenagers do get bored.
  15. Sound system in Cybertruck is really AWESOME! -- says Tesla engineer

    Design could turn turn a few hundred bucks of amps and speakers into high end audio if encouraged. Is this something Tesla wanted?
  16. First Cybertrucks in Tesla stores now! @ San Diego & San Jose first

    A CT in scottsdale AZ? Is that a possibility? My son is in town and I gotta entertain him somehow.
  17. First Cybertrucks in Tesla stores now! @ San Diego & San Jose first

    The future is better than rosy. There will be a cyberthing: a Optimus arm that can crawl and retrieve anything lost on the vast dash. It will also find loose change in the back seat.