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  1. alcstarheel

    Some Tesla centers now allowing visitors interior access to Cybertruck (i.e. Tesla Colma)

    Going to check with my service center and see if I can finally sit in a CT. Looks like Optimus is guarding the CT from smudgy fingerprints.
  2. alcstarheel

    Cybertruck Owners Meet in Socal Turns Out 7 Strong

    A wedge of delivered CTs. What a sight 😎
  3. alcstarheel

    Gloss Grey Cybertruck Wrap

    Looks like what you'd see with a grey color on a hypercar in GTA. Better than I thought it'd look after seeing the title of the thread.
  4. alcstarheel

    Tesla will change Foundation Series order to Non-FS without penalty (YMMV)

    Yeah so it appears nothing is actually changed. Maybe in a day or so but it still seems unlikely. They obviously do not have a standard policy or mechanism for this downgrade. They probably didn't even think of it. I think until there is an actual confirmation that an order is changed *out* of a...
  5. alcstarheel

    Tesla will change Foundation Series order to Non-FS without penalty (YMMV)

    This is interesting. Delivery on hold as opposed to going back to showing that you'll be "notified to complete your Cybertruck configuration as production nears." I'm guessing you no longer have a "Start Designing" button. They said you'll no longer have the option to match to a FS VIN. It...
  6. alcstarheel

    Purple Wrap Cybertruck (STEK DynoPurple)

    Looks better in the gloomy day lighting than the garage lighting. Interested to see how it'll look on a sunny day.
  7. alcstarheel

    Aftermarket 325 wide tires + 18" Method wheels installed on Cybertruck

    This is very truck-month worthy. I like it for the pure aesthetic. You're not a truck guy until you do something for looks that kills your efficiency. Now just lift to extract mode and add some balls on the hitch and you're golden.
  8. alcstarheel

    DELIVERED! North Texas

    Good luck with this. All it takes is one. See what offers come your way. I'm sure you'll get something that helps defray the costs. That Cyberbeast in the Bay is listed on Turo for $900 a DAY. He's had two trips so far that have paid for his first month loan payment. He can rent it out for half...
  9. alcstarheel

    Picked up my Amazing Cybertruck today! (Plano Texas) -- added delivery photos & owner's impressions!

    Congrats! I'm in Bishop Arts area. Once I get mine we'll meet up 🤙🏾
  10. alcstarheel

    🔴 Iron Man's Cybertruck 📐 FIRST RED WRAP! ⬇️ 100000% NOT CGI

    I like the wrap. Don't like the bulkier, accentuated fender flares.
  11. alcstarheel

    Cyberbeast on Turo $900/day

    My word they listed with some pretty bad pictures. It'll obviously rent out but they should throw on some more stylish and scenic pics. Listings will show how many trips a vehicle has been on if it has been on any. This doesn't look like it has yet. You can also go to the host to see how many...
  12. alcstarheel

    Tesla will change Foundation Series order to Non-FS without penalty (YMMV)

    FSD will not knock you out of the Tax Credit. It is not physically attached to the vehicle. That's what I am doing. This thread is four pages of discussion because some were able to successfully "downgrade" purporting to give people a chance to be the first to lock in a non-FS order. And it...
  13. alcstarheel

    Tesla will change Foundation Series order to Non-FS without penalty (YMMV)

    Was ready to try this but this seems pretty hit or miss. Don't want the FS and don't want to be stuck with the option of taking it or moving to the back of the "line."
  14. alcstarheel

    Auto Loan Interest Rates - Share What You’ve Found 🏦

    Same lowball on same M3 with FSD. Gone are the days back in 2021 of the 1.74% I got through DCU for my M3 refinance and our first MY 😢 DCU is currently quoting 6.74%.
  15. alcstarheel

    Insurance cost / quotes / premiums for Cybertruck -- what's yours? 💲

    AWD CT Quote: State Farm Dallas Multi-Car Homeowners Other policies $1,031/6 month premium for the AWD CT. Comes in at +$165/6 month premium over my '23 MYP.
  16. alcstarheel

    DIY Cybertruck Vinyl Wrap Kit by Tesbros -- $1500+

    Look for indoor car storage facilities. Probably have to pay a month fee but better than nothing. Looks like A-1 has a 10’ x 24’. Or check out the Might get some options on there.
  17. alcstarheel

    Delaying delivery after VIN assignment

    I highly, highly doubt you will be able to delay delivery for too long. Maybe a day. They aren’t going to keep pestering you and checking on you. Then most likely they’ll skip over you and not assign another VIN for months. It sucks but that’s the blessing and a curse at this stage with the CT.
  18. alcstarheel

    Satin White vs. Satin Black Cybertruck

    This is what I will be doing... eventually.