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  1. Colorado can now "Explore the Space"

    They've moved Littleton, CO Cybertruck to the Park Meadows Mall where you have full access to the truck. They don't let you raise/lower the suspension, and they've disabled a couple other software things, but otherwise full access. Two takeaways: - I'm 6'4" and there were concerns the rear seat...
  2. Found all the Cybertruck hubcaps

    They are being sold on the black market (Temu) for cheap.
  3. Spotted: EV Truck Towing Supercharger (Magic dock for all trucks too) -- Northglenn, CO charging station

    Couldn't find this posted anywhere so thought I'd share photos of the Northglenn charger here in CO. Has a charger for towing and has magic dock for non-Tesla.
  4. Offroad Video By Normal Guy

    Offroading by an everyday normal non-offroading person. Fun!
  5. Cybertruck Steep Offroading Climbing Footage

    Couldn't find this posted anywhere. Seems legit. "Third attempt, second successful one."
  6. Cybertruck Order Charts: Geography, Model Type, Options, RNs Ordered (Final Update 2/20/2024)

    The Administrator has put together excellent tracking on the Submitted Orders List (which provides the data for the charts below). Please enter your order data to the list and keep us all informed! *Last Edited 2/20/2024 1:13am MST
  7. Stop Holding the Line

    Pretty tired of trying to read information about Cybertruck news and then reading another useless exchange about someone's place in line. I have two reservations that were made one month apart. One. Whole. Month. The first reservation was made as quickly as I could enter card information when...