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  1. Saskateam

    New silicon anode material

    This is not Tesla specific however it will have the battery world talking.
  2. Saskateam

    A Cybertruck with these wheels

    A different type of tire that may be great on the CT.
  3. Saskateam

    Check out the CyberRod

    This is a hot rod styled after the CT. I think it looks great. I have seen aluminum bodied hot rods but this beats them.
  4. Saskateam

    Tesla Battery Day Announced For September 15 (Predictions anyone?)

    June 21, 2020 Update (by Administrator) Elon Musk has just announced a September 15 date for a combined Tesla Shareholder Meeting & Battery Day. It will include a tour of cell production system. (y) May 15, 2020 Update (by Administrator) Battery Day has been pushed to next month and may...
  5. Saskateam

    Vinyl wrap the tonneau cover

    How do you think the tonneau cover will stand up to being vinyl wrapped? With it being rolled up will this cause the wrap to be damaged or cause it to peel off the wrap?
  6. Saskateam

    Cybertruck goes to the moon

    Do you think Tesla will put in a bid to help NASA with the new moon rover.
  7. Saskateam

    Canadian Cybertruck Fans

    I am seeing a high number of Canadian people on here. We do not have a region forum yet so I am starting a location thread. Who is from Canada, what province and what is it about the CT that got you interested? I live in Saskatchewan, and I got interested in the CT because of the range. There...
  8. Saskateam

    A new Cybertruck guy on YouTube

    A truck guy discussing the CT from his perspective.
  9. Saskateam

    Consumer Report EV video

    Funny how consumer reports on EVs.
  10. Saskateam

    How Cybertruck development may have been influenced by tweets

    Like Tesla shows how the tweets to Elon have had an impact on the CT design.
  11. Saskateam

    Alternative C Pillar Panel Design

    Here is a different rendering of the CT with a glass panel behind the C pillar. The person said 38 of the 40 people he showed prefer it. What are your thoughts?
  12. Saskateam

    Has anyone spotted the rear camera?

    I have been trying to find the rear camera since the CT came out. It cannot be in the tailgate as it will not work with the bed down. It will not be below the tailgate either for angle of view and visibility when the tailgate is down. I have not seen it in the interior pictures and videos in the...
  13. Saskateam

    Good video of CT at the unveiling

    This has a lot of video of the clay model and CT driving. High resolution and good low light quality camera.
  14. Saskateam

    Anyone going to Fully Charged Live in Austin Texas?

    Going to be a lot of EVs there including Rivian. I cannot wait for the news and live chats to be put on YouTube for consumption. There will be some talk about the CT there.
  15. Saskateam

    Cybertruck size comparisons against other vehicles

    Updated with video comparing Cybertruck to SUVs. Good video depicting the size. The last comparison is great.
  16. Saskateam

    EV, solar, new green tech news.

    How do you consume your news or opinions on the move to new tech, EVs, solar, etc? I like the Fully Charged channel on YouTube and in podcast. I listen to the EV News Daily podcast.
  17. Saskateam

    Interesting visual of the Cybertruck vs F150

    A simple piece of rope shows quite a bit of information. By stretching a reference rope from the tailgate of a Ford F-150 to the roof then to front grill we simulate the lines of the Tesla Cyber Truck superimposed on the Ford. The results are interesting and have aerodynamic implications.
  18. Saskateam

    Engineering analysis of Cybertruck exoskeleton / body shell

    This is a good idea of what we may see in the CT as far as support structure. This guy has 4 good videos on the CT so have a look around.