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  1. In 4 years how much more value will the Foundation Series have over normal?

    So, there are 2,000,000 people on the waitlist for the CT. And trucks are the largest selling vehicles in the US, so demand shows no signs of waning over the next decade. If you don't believe that 20 (or 40 or 80) years from now, a Foundation Edition Cybertruck will be worth the investment...
  2. Foundation financing — has Tesla approved you?

    Yes. Now waiting for Schedule Delivery Appointment to activate

    My reservation # is RN1127474XX, and I haven't heard anything back. I'm in Texas, and my reservation is for a 3 motor FSD Cybertruck. I'd hope to get a Foundation series offer. We'll see.
  4. Splitting up reservations made by company

    Agreed. I don't think there is any reason to think Tesla is interested in arbitrating your issue.
  5. Forbes Cybertruck Hit Piece: "Musk’s Cybertruck Is Almost Here. But Will Anyone Buy The ‘Ludicrous’ Vehicle?"

    I agree with you. I read many of the spin pieces out there, and just shake my darned head. I expect lots of them are clickbait, and there will be more soon telling me how uncool I will look when I drive around in my bulletproof supertruck. Consider me whelmed.
  6. CRAZY resale value of the Cybertruck

    Trolls are those who jam people doing nothing wrong online to pick on them...Did you know that online trolls are almost universally people with Dark Triad personality traits, Alpine?
  7. CRAZY resale value of the Cybertruck

    I'd love to go back to the factory to pick mine up when it's available. And I have friends who've volunteered to take the trip with me... I do wonder whether I should keep it though, or sell it when I take delivery. I've heard from several people who would buy it from me.
  8. Unpopular opinion: I don't think your "reservation" spot matters

    RN112747433 and RN113801493. I can no longer edit either design. Last weekend, I could edit the later one but not the first one.
  9. Unpopular opinion: I don't think your "reservation" spot matters

    My reservation is ~3300, and that reservation is now locked for editing by Tesla. I have a second reservation at ~110,000 and that one can still be edited. And as for the people who bail on their reservations, within the first 50,000, I would bet that more than 35,000 follow through.