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  1. CyberOwl


    Theoretically a Cybertruck has the ability to charge during OFF-PEAK hours when power is cheapest, then power a home during PEAK hours when power is most expensive. Anyone know if this can be achieved via the FS included Gateway?
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    Range Extender 470+ Miles

  3. CyberOwl

    $96k CyberBeast

    Pricing is posted!
  4. CyberOwl

    Rear Wheel Steering

    Elon just confirmed the Cybertruck will be almost exactly what was shown. They are adding rear wheel steering, so it can do tight turns and maneuver with high agility. He added; "lots of other great things coming".
  5. CyberOwl

    StarLink Pre-Orders Now Available Live Starlink Satellite Map
  6. CyberOwl

    Initial Public Offering

    It's the first month of deliveries...What do we think the open market value for a fully loaded tri-motor will be? 1.5X MSRP... 2X?