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  1. RonM

    Dual CT running on one motor

    How would running a dual CT on one motor affect the range while highway driving, no stop and go? That is assuming one can disconnect a motor so that it is nothing but dead weight.
  2. RonM

    Universal Charging Station

    One way EVs could get a bigger foothold on ICE would be to standardize charging stations like ICE can use any gas pump. I know Musk will allow others to use his chargers for a price and non are willing to pay that price. But if they banded together and settled on a standard it would be...
  3. RonM

    Anybody going to use their CT to haul windsurfing gear?

    I’m wondering if the vault can be closed, drop the rear seats, open the tailgate and slide in windsurfing gear? Have to be careful not to open the vault and chop the nose of the board!