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  1. TirNaOg

    Tesla And 2024?

    Hello all! Looks to me like Tesla is not registered to do the point of sale federal discount, Am I correct in reading that from the above info? IF so How does that work in 2024 for Tesla customers? Do we get a receipt from Tesla and then have to file that with the IRS for the discount, kind of...
  2. TirNaOg

    Tax Discount ?

    The Federal Discount/coupon/rebateI If I usually get a refund check from the IRS does that mean I dont qualify for the $7500 discount on the Model Y? I have gotten confusing answers all over the place. Just want a simple answer to that ? Anyone on here know? Thanks in advance. { Note! if in...
  3. TirNaOg

    Hertz Renting?

    Anyone done this? Do they supply a granny cable with the car? { Granny cable = Power plug cable to normal 11o plug ? } Looking to rent the Model Y and check it out. Just in case we get stuck somewhere. We are planning a trip from Los Angeles to the Sequoia national park. Doesnt seem to be many...
  4. TirNaOg

    Question on Pre-order conversions?

    Maybe someone on here may have gone thru Tesla's pre-order to ORder system for one of their other cars. How is the process expected to go? Do PRe-order holders get a mass email before launch asking them to convert? Or do they piece meal it out? Never pre-ordered a vehicle before so was wondering.
  5. TirNaOg

    A bit of a short one!

    Some inside shots
  6. TirNaOg

    Electric Conversions ?

    Hey anyone know of companies that would covert a Mini 2004 cooper to electric? In or close to NJ? Thinking a Tesla motor and batteries with say a workable 100mile range. Is it possible? How much would the project cost? Wifes baby, but the maintenance cost on her is getting a bit much. Thanks...
  7. TirNaOg

    Ford Mach-e: Smell the gas!

    How do ye like this? Crazy! now if twas the old new Fiat car smell...... Yesss baby! :)
  8. TirNaOg

    What Vehicle, Money no option, would you like to see Teslafied!

    Me twould be a M35 A3 6x6. In a all black finish with the Star Wars Imerial Symbol on the 2 front doors! Tri motor of course in PLaid+. :)
  9. TirNaOg

    CT Trips!

    Ok the wait is getting to me. Viewed all the bloody Tesla videos on the net, { at least it feels like it! } So decided to start planning my BIG trip once I am used to this EV/CT thingy. Will do shorter, much shorter, trips around the tri-state area while I get used to the beast. Trip: NJ to WA...
  10. TirNaOg

    Hope to see this kind of video for the CT SOON! :)

    Like the idea of taking old cool designs like this and putting new tech in them. Enjoyed this video.
  11. TirNaOg

    LR-Defender: Teslafied

    I like this: Too much money for me but I like the idea of talking old cool looking vehicles and putting new tech in them.
  12. TirNaOg

    Quick little ?s

    1] Can the Touchscreen be defaulted to the black nighttime mode? Like that more than all white view. 2] Can you use your own sound files? Like say a Tie-Fighter sound for when the car moves.
  13. TirNaOg

    Stainless Steel or Black Stainless Steel look?

    Good evening, I just heard about this Black Stainless steel. Not Painted! But an actual stainless steel version that comes in black, matt black I think. From some renders online it looks great. Does anyone have any info on this? Could Tesla do this without a paint shop? If so would it cost very...
  14. TirNaOg

    SentryMode & dashcam ?

    For those in the know. If you dont get the full autopilot upgrade. Do you still get that Sentrymode/Dashcam feature? Was thinking of getting a SSD to connect to it. But not getting the AutoPilot mode option. Too much money for it and I like to drive the it! :)
  15. TirNaOg

    Pre-Order test drive?

    So we have pre-ordered. When do we get a chance to test drive the vehicle before we have to definitely , money down, order the vehicle? Hope that makes sense. I know we can't test drive yet, they ain't got it made :). But where in the Pre-Order/Order steps do we get a chance to have a test...
  16. TirNaOg

    Tesla App & PreOrder customers?

    Quick ? for those in the know. If I download the Tesla App to my phone and I only have the Pre-order confirmation # Is there anything in there I can use / look at? Can I even login into it?