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  1. Rumor: Foundation Series Expanded to 20,000 Units (Claims Phone Customer Service Rep)

    In the case of the CT, since there's no dealer, the D in ADM is Tesla. So we are in total agreement. I don't care who's making the money though as it's my free will to be an idiot when purchasing over sticker.
  2. Just canceled my founders edition order, hopefully somebody here on the forum from San Diego. Will get an invite soon.

    I sold my Model Y for $70K also, but that's another story... Used the proceed to get into a Taycan Cross Turismo so money already spent thus I'm also in the CT Oder Cancelling boat. I'm going to wait for prices to come down a little before getting the CT.
  3. Will Tesla honor $7,000 FSD?

    Tesla didn't honor the promised price of the truck so not likely they'll honor the $7K FSD price.
  4. Too expensive...not going to be able to order after 4 years

    With all the talk about 48V, Ethernet bus, giga castings, and new battery tech that can cut costs drastically, the price of the CT is about the same as a Rivian R1T if comparably equipped. With this said, Rivian is losing tens of thousands of dollars per truck though so maybe these costs...
  5. Cybertruck Federal Tax Credit Incentives are official!

    If the selling price of the Plaid can go from $130K+ to $90K, it's not inconceivable that the Cyberbeast can go from $100K to $80K after the initial demand is filled. Tesla can also play w/ the selling price by moving various functions to subscription basis, i.e. basic auto pilot, rear wheel...
  6. Would you buy the Cybertruck if your number came up in the next month?

    If the Plaid's price can come down tens of thousands in 2 years, maybe the Cyberbeast will go down into the $80K range some day?
  7. New animated video of Cybertruck's four-wheel / rear wheel steering: smaller turning radius than Model S

    Ferrari and Porsche all have had rear wheel steering in their cars for many years (maybe 7 or 8?) even GM had 4WS trucks even before that, but the key is in the programming of the rear steering system. My '18 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso V12's tuning isn't as good as my Porsche GT3's as sometimes I can...
  8. 67% of non-reservation holders surveyed say no to CT

    In order to have meaningful survey results, the poll should include other EV trucks and then compare the acceptance rate.
  9. Cybertruck wallpaper from Franz

    I feel a little weak in the knees just looking at the 100'+ fall. Well, I get chicken even crossing a 6" deep stream in my Jeep.
  10. Let's talk ramp inside tailgate...

    No ramp inside tailgate is a let down but we already expected the truck not to have it weeks ago. Now has anyone seen the truck do the backend kneeling all the way down while the front goes all the way up? If truck can't even do this, I'm not sure if I'll go ahead with the purchase.
  11. What does this button do?

    Hi Gents, Is this the button to put the truck in kneel mode? Couldn't tell for sure so I thought to ask the "experts" around here.
  12. First inside perspective garage pic: Cybertruck parked w/ bed lighting on and bike in bed

    Guys guys guys... like she told me, it's long enough.
  13. Let's talk ramp inside tailgate...

    No swat w/ lean back function means no CT for me.
  14. Tonneau bed cover opening smoothly & quietly! (11/8/23 video)

    Does anyone know if the cover can be stopped anywhere midway?
  15. Let's talk ramp inside tailgate...

    Need to add another 24" to the tailgate as there's another swing out gate that goes beyond the 2' height of the tailgate, totaling 48" beyond the bed and go down another 15 degrees or so pass the pane of the tailgate. Refer to the picture if in doubt.
  16. Let's talk ramp inside tailgate...

    Bring IT Tailgates has a tailgate that has a panel that swings up 90 degrees from the top pivot, practically extends the gate by 2', and with built-in ramps, this could be our solution if Tesla doesn't include the built-in ramp. BTW YouTube has some scary videos of people falling off their...