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  1. Cybertruck Warranty - No Offroad?? Excludes driving over uneven, rough or damaged roads including potholes....

    Wonder what Jeep or Land Rover folks would say about this. I remember years ago when some manufacturers tried to deny sports car coverage at track events or just racing too hard. GM warranties 1LE Camaro's and ZL1's, Z51 Corvette's and V-series Cadillac's for track use. As does Porsche, Mazda...
  2. Confirmed tonneau cover isn't water proof

    I'm amazed at all the folks that thought it would be waterproof. Not one after market tonneau cover claims to be waterproof. Certainly not the roll types. I've had folding tonneau covers on my trucks for years and rarely had water intrusion and when it did it was very minor. Even when power...
  3. To Wrap or not to Wrap?

    This rusting issue always take some time to form and is not a problem as long as it’s removed in a timely manner. I‘d be concerned if you had rusting but it was too small to notice. If you wrapped it… well hopefully no air or more moisture would get thru. Not sure if it would continue rusting...
  4. Haters gonna hate… [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Yea I'm in the same boat. I a couple of years to place my CT reservation so I know it will be at least another couple of years before I get a call. Last year I realized that my window of useablity is getting shorter and shorter each year so I got a Lightning. Perfect for ME. Availible now. Does...
  5. Noisy / vibrations on highway?

    I have a Lightning and commented on the Lightning forum about how morgue quite it was. Much quieter than my Plaid or any of the other MS's we've owned. Another Telsa/Lightning member said it was the window design. He claimed frameless vehicle windows let much more road noise in than framed. I...
  6. What Are The Real Reasons Cybertrucks Continue To Be Roped Off In Tesla Showrooms?

    So instead of keying CT owners will be subject to fingerprinting vandalism!
  7. Trailer brake controller and towing numbers

    So can someone explain how this system works compared to a conventional squeeze controller. E.g. How do you test that the brake gain is correct while driving down the road? I'm not trying to down a CT just don't see how you use this.
  8. STARLINK kit is now available at Costco online

    You might want to check the reviews on this. Not very good and certainly not worth the $. I‘m pretty rural and been on basic starlink for a couple of years. Much better than Century link.
  9. Cybertruck Tailgate

    Shit that really sucks! Well they can come back to their senses and fix it later. I would buy a Canoo in a minute. Hope they finally make it to market.
  10. Cybertruck Tailgate

    Does it still kneel so the rear approach lowers? This is what I was most interested in. Tons of ramps you can buy.
  11. BEAST MODE Cybertruck gets 845HP !! + Front locking differential / diff!

    So this is not a Plaid rear drive unit? Wonder if this will be the spec on all tri motor units. I expect they would have said something about teflon in that poster.
  12. "BEAST MODE" Confirmed! 🦾

    So are the top of the line options going to be a tri motor and then a Plaid tri motor? Just for the record. I'm really not that interested. I'm only asking for a friend. ;)
  13. Rear-view "mirror" screen used when towing

    I do clean them but in the winter when it's raining everyday and the streets are full of water, it's impossible to keep them clean. They will be again covered literally in a half mile. Been like this for MS owners for years. Discussed on the tesla forum in the past. I've rarely had problems with...
  14. Rear-view "mirror" screen used when towing

    On my third MS and the rear camera sucks in Washington winters. Constantly blurry and many times unusable because of dirt and water/snow on the lens. Hopefully they have the rear airflow turbulence on the CT under better control. Looks like the rear camera is much higher from the road so I...
  15. Rear-view "mirror" screen used when towing

    Crissa reminded me that panel trucks and vans wouldn't be legal to build in an earlier post. I've never been inside those commerical types but you can clearly see the rear doors are totally covered. So it's gotta be ok. I prefer cameras now.
  16. Rear-view "mirror" screen used when towing

    How can the rear view (or lack there of) with tonneau cover closed be legal? If they can require a side mirror wouldn't there be a requirement that the windshield mirror vision be unobstructed? Don't get me wrong I love not using it but really shocked that the internal rear view mirror is seen...
  17. Post-Reveal Stock Price

    Sure just like there's an e in potato!
  18. Q3 Earnings Q&A Is Now Open!

    I’d be happy if they just announce the delivery date! I can wait for the details.
  19. Let's talk ramp inside tailgate...

    I have the harbor freight ramps referenced earlier. And I tried using them on both a Ridgeline and Tundra. Approach and departure angles without the kneeling feature are way too steep for anything other than an ATV in 4 wh dr or a dirt bike. Forget getting your riding lawn mower in or using it...