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  1. Balthezor

    DELIVERED! North Texas

    Wow. That's like a Ferrari. Hope you find someone, nice way to pay for it.
  2. Balthezor

    New PowerShare emails: Cybertruck Foundation Series owners get 1 year supercharging credit if they're not eligible for install

    Ok great. Was worried it was only in select market. I live out in the rural area in PA, and I could use the power wall.
  3. Balthezor

    Just got the email from Tesla, foundation series ready to order

    My friend got the invite as well. In PA. Around 2:45PM via email. He is around RN 11278.
  4. Balthezor


    $100. Serious if you don't get any offers.
  5. Balthezor

    📊 Cybertruck SUBMITTED ORDERS Tracking List & Stats [Add Yours!]

    Anyone know if the people that got an invite on the 15th and then the next day it disappeared. Did any of those people get an invite this past Thursday/Friday?
  6. Balthezor

    WTH is Tesla doing....

    LOL. I like the: "everyone chill the F out now." Split personality?
  7. Balthezor

    WTH is Tesla doing....

    You know what's worse than a toddler tantrum. An adult tantrum.
  8. Balthezor

    WTH is Tesla doing....

    You think it's a little over the top? LOL. OP, did you cancel your order yet?
  9. Balthezor

    Ordered 2 Foundation Series CTs. How to transfer one to a friend?

    How did you end up ordering 2 CTs? Wouldnt that require two reservations to be active? You'd have to configure each one separately. I don't think lag would be a cause to click two different email invites.
  10. Balthezor

    Just got the email from Tesla, foundation series ready to order

    This is the only reason why I would go with AWD. I can stretch to 120k, but I dont want to wait 6 months longer.
  11. Balthezor

    Just got the email from Tesla, foundation series ready to order

    Ken, you got the email but its not letting you configure? Still says reserved on the Tesla account page?
  12. Balthezor

    Tri-Motor Powertrain Issue?

    It's probably that lightbar.
  13. Balthezor

    Cybertruck children's book! "The Ugly Truckling: The Story of My Cybertruck"

    I buy every single thing that is related to CT. Offerings to the CT gods to give me an invite to place the order.
  14. Balthezor

    Rumor: Foundation Series Expanded to 20,000 Units (Claims Phone Customer Service Rep)

    I disagree. At least you get some stuff with it. The dealer ADM is the salesman patting you in the ass for bending over and taking their shit and being an idiot. At least this money goes to Tesla and not a shitty dealer.
  15. Balthezor

    500 cybertrucks shipped by end of the year?

    Isn't the VIN tracker only showing like 300 CTs? These people pull shit from their assholes.