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  1. Width w/o mirrors?

    Ok so I went to see the CT in person today and it was huge IMO. Have been trying to figure out its width withOUT mirrors. Tesla website says 86.6 w/ mirrors folded but what the body and fenders width? Other websites say 80, 79.9 or 86.6 without mirrors. anyone know the actual dimensions?
  2. 2024 Tax credit question

    I know I could just ask an accountant but figured it is more fun to ask this forum. So in 2024 the EV tax credit will be a point of sale discount, right!? Say you buy a CT in 2024 (not FS but one that actually qualifies, yes I know that’s unlikely to happen in 2024, but one can dream) So is...
  3. What’s in the CT bed? A body?

    Was looking at some pics from the Tesla’s CT website fantasizing about one day owning one. . and came across what looks like a dismembered body in the back of the Cybertruck?? Either they photoshopped someone out and left their feet or had some shoes awkwardly placed.
  4. Final Thoughts; Will the rear window open?

    Last chance to say I told you so and I knew it all along. . Vote