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  1. Initial cleaning test results - Shiela Shine and Magic Eraser

    You should try this!
  2. Oregon VIN secured

    Congrats. Excited to see one driving around Portland!
  3. First impressions after my Cybertruck delivery: The Good & Bad (Maybe)

    Thanks for posting! And to me, these types of threads never get old! Love to hear more thoughts and see more pics.
  4. Colorado can now "Explore the Space"

    Portland Oregon store they won’t let you touch anything. You can sit in it. That’s it.
  5. Bar Keepers Friend steel cleaner applied -- result photos

    Anyone try this?
  6. Took delivery yesterday in Irvine! The Cybertruck is simply an amazing vehicle

    In case he doesn’t answer, I remember the answer being No from “Out of Spec reviews”
  7. Taking Cybertruck through Automatic Car Wash (Finally)

    Anyone try one of these for finger prints?
  8. Took delivery yesterday in Irvine! The Cybertruck is simply an amazing vehicle

    Congrats and thanks for the info! Curious to see the tonneau cover open and close from the inside view. Saw a video awhile ago that showed some exposed “gear” or “track” near the rear window as the tonneau was fully closed. But haven’t seen anyone else mention it. Also can you hook up video...
  9. New to Forum

    Welcome! I joined a few months ago and everyone here has been very helpful, informative and sometimes funny.
  10. Vault is not waterproof

    What is this picture suppose to show?
  11. Tonneau Cover question

    The forum existed for the last four+ years and no one has owned a CT. It was still called OWNERS club. I see that you just joined today. Welcome. There are only one or two forum members who have actually taken delivery of CT to date, on fact only in the last few days. The rest of us have just...
  12. Tonneau Cover question

    Why don’t you go post this question in the thread that a new CT owner specifically set up to answer CT questions instead of being snarky saying “have you tried it” anytime anyone’s makes a suggestion.
  13. Tonneau Cover question

    There are videos out there showing that as soon as the vault opens a it starts to cover the rear window. An inch or two and you cover an inch or two of the window. Depends how much you want to open the vault depends how much you can see them.
  14. Tonneau Cover question

    There is lots of thought about the safest place for dogs to travel. I like you, have two dogs that go to the beach and I two have plans to figure out how they can travel in the back. There is a lengthy thread on this form called “what questions remain” and there is quite a bit in there about...
  15. What questions remain?

    Thanks for the napkin math. so CLOSE to being able to fit two length wise and being able to close the cover. 20 inches long (plus the 7 inches away from bulk head puts the height of cover just under 25 inches. My dogs are just around 50lbs and they both travel daily in the back of a subaru...
  16. What questions remain?

    Largest crate is 28 wide so you should be able to fit 2 side by side but cover won’t close. Looks like the only size that may fit with cover closed is two Medium Case is EXTERIOR: 29.5" (L) x 20.5" (W) x 23.5" (H) / 25" Highest point on interior CT is 28.66 and it is 51 wide. So you maybe...
  17. What questions remain?

    Can medium sized dogs comfortably ride in back with cover closed?
  18. Center Rear View Mirror Removal - DIY How-to Instructions & Photos

    Ok you asked for it. 😉 Two questions. . -how is the leg room and head room in the back seat? Even with front seats all the way back. I am 6”3’ and am wondering if my head would hit the ceiling. -where did you put your groceries? Frunk, cabin or bed?
  19. Center Rear View Mirror Removal - DIY How-to Instructions & Photos

    What is the cable/wire for? fyi there was another post the other day from a forum member wanting to see a video of the mirror removal. They were interested in replacing it with a video feed rear view mirror. thanks for all of your photos and info BTW since you took deliver a few hours ago...