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  1. jd1

    2024 Cybertruck Official Specs Leaked?! 😱 - Udated With Compare/Analysis

    Worth noting nothing was leaked. This is a list someone compiled using other things people have said/guessed. Also,Tow rating might be 11,000 on dual but more power comes more ability, thus rating for tri would increase. Nov 30 can’t come fast enough.
  2. jd1

    Rumor: $98900 price for tri-motor Cybertruck??

    This story is false.
  3. jd1

    First verified Crash Tested Cybertruck at Giga Texas! [Photos]

    35 mph as confirmed by a tesla employee working at Giga in the fb group. He didn't say what type of test, or any other details other than speed. Odds are.. nhtsa test.
  4. jd1

    350 mile range Quad Motor rumored to be 1st trim launched

    I could have sworn I read from a official outlet or podcast with Franz or Elon that the Quad motor idea had been tossed out. Tri and dual at launch. My guess.. 350m for dual, 500m for tri.
  5. jd1

    How many Cybertrucks deliveries in 2023 ?

    You’re 1400 on a fan made spreadsheet claims it knows the magic formula for order numbers but fails to take into account the tens to hundreds of thousands that have not registered on that spreadsheet. Not hating.. I’m sitting at around 1690 area if that spreadsheet is right. Sadly the...
  6. jd1

    RUMOR: Some Reservation Holders Are Receiving Delivery Dates

    I wasn’t an hour one reserver, I was a first 2-3 minute reserver once page refresh worked and you could actually order. Not that that spreadsheet we all added ourselves to is accurate but if those numbers are to be believed I’m #1961. Of course those numbers aren’t accurate. I don’t live in...
  7. jd1

    Cybertruck content & summary from Cyber Roundup 2023 (+ Annual Shareholder Meeting Live Stream) 🍿

    For some reason I thought they were doing a final production model unveil, showing off all the features and releasing final pricing. Clearly I have the event windows wrong… anyone know when the final w/ pricing is being held? Perhaps next stockholder’s meeting, coinciding with the handing over...
  8. jd1

    Cybertruck bed rack / tool rack + accessories (shovels) first look! 🧰

    First person that mods this with a working Knight Rider light wins.
  9. jd1

    Tesla bull investor estimates 10,000 Cybertruck deliveries in 2023... you taking over or under?

    Priority order… Quad, Tri, Dual. Dual will never out prioritize Tri I don’t think. On the spreadsheet where it lists timeframes, albeit guesswork. Tri is first, then dual, then single but of course, single will be gone most likely and Quad is inbound so it’s anyone’s guess. Maybe the earning’s...
  10. jd1

    Tesla bull investor estimates 10,000 Cybertruck deliveries in 2023... you taking over or under?

    I know we aren't supposed to believe that google spreadsheet with the time estimates based on our order number... According to that form. My tri will be in the first 2000 trucks. This was also before talk of the Quad taking priority and then Tri motor so... who knows. I'm honestly just looking...
  11. jd1

    Notification Regarding CyberTruck Delivery Timeline - How Far in Advance?

    I've seen in multiple places the expected date seen in that google doc you speak of is not accurate. I hope it is, I'm sitting at #1962 with a March 2024 date. If rumors are true and they do a Quad version first, that will push the tri's back. Some will upgrade to quad, not me though.. tri is...
  12. jd1

    Another Hit Piece on Cybertruck

    Magazines, the media in general... funded by advertisements. Tesla has never bought ads, commercials... so yes, hit pieces come and will keep coming. Meh. I'd take a wild guess that people that read Popular Mechanics aren't the target CT demographic.
  13. jd1

    Cybertruck Appearance @ Annual Shareholder Meeting in Texas

    Myself personally... I'm looking forward to the reveal where they actually show the final version, what they added, what it can do. Where the PopTart oven is stored etc. I figure with two years time watching everyone else come to market... maybe they learned some things?
  14. jd1

    STOP excusing for Elon

    One thing that Covid has done for sure... increase people being upset over ......... well, almost everything. I listened to the entire call and Elon stopped short a few ti es from basically saying.. wow, you guys just don't get it do you? (When asked about future vehicle timeline) Elon has...
  15. jd1

    Would you convert your tri motor res for a quad?

    Extra bonus note: Quad comes with a free Cyberquad. Source: I know a guy that makes things up.
  16. jd1

    2024 Ram 1500 EV Will Be Worth The Wait

    Yeah... I agree to a degree but the ship never sailed. As a past owner of a TRx that sold it back to a dealership after buying it for a 40K profit... I think they did alright sales wise. FCA def dropped ball on waiting this long but they were merging and that takes time... they waited a long...
  17. jd1

    2024 Ram 1500 EV Will Be Worth The Wait

    I've owned three Ram trucks including the more recent Ram TRX. I've owned several Jeep Wranglers, Grand Cherokees (including Trackhawk) as well as multiple Challengers (including 6 Hellcats). Without question, the RAM EV will lay waste to Ford and chevy as they have the past few years. Yes...