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  1. DRL, headlights, fog lights, sidemarkers, tail light bar ON in night time video (on Tundra Cybertruck leaving supercharger)

    Not to change subjects, but how badass would it be to have PLD glass in front of the headlights to both keep the aesthetic (frosted and uniform) when the headlights were off, and then when the headlights turn on the glass changes to clear to allow a focused beam of headlights. :cool:
  2. Closeups!! Dual Motor Cybertruck shows frunk open, alcantara headliner, perforated seats, rectangular steering wheel, VIN # (8/31 pics)

    There still might be something “up” with that glass roof. I’m seeing a large amount of distortion in it. It’s certainly possible that this is just part of zeroing in the production process (probably Fuyao makes this?) of bending a large piece of glass like that, I’m just a bit surprised that...
  3. Windshield Wiper BAW in Action - video clip (8/26/23)

    I know this is a BAW post but.... how about that suspension?
  4. Latest Cybertruck Delivery Rumors (as of 8/23/23)

    Send one to Michigan, I'll strap an F-150 to the back and pull it everywhere I go.
  5. Elon sends employees email on Cybertruck build quality: accuracy & tolerances must be in microns -- "Precision predicates perfectionism."

    All of the suppliers reading this email right now are either celebrating by how much they're going to charge to meet the updated prints (because they have a plan), or they're freaking out because they could potentially lose a big customer since they won't be able to meet "Lego specs". I also...
  6. Photo: Frunk and Vault Bed partially open on Cybertruck (and next to Model Y)

    Must be an employee who leaked photos/videos in the vault.
  7. Video: Cybertruck driving in full daylight @ Giga Texas; good acceleration and turning radius (8/16/23)

    This is almost certainly PLD (Polymer-dispersed Liquid-crystal Device) as it appears to be binary and opaque (since the light is not absorbed, just dispersed). Porsche has added some level of adjust-ability to it by partitioning the glass, allowing users to select their between three...
  8. Video: Cybertruck driving in full daylight @ Giga Texas; good acceleration and turning radius (8/16/23)

    This would surprise me a lot. Maybe PLD glass but I don't think we're getting electrochromic glass. Just don't think the tech is there yet. Maybe in 5 years. Source: my job.
  9. Digital camo Cybertruck in night time driving sighting [video]

    Is it an image artifact or does this look like it has turn signal indicators on the outside mirrors? First time I have seen that.