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  1. Lasttoy

    My Cybertruck arrived at Miami Garden, but no delivery yet... needs a week-long inspection

    They driving it. Playing like they learning what it does. There is NO inspection, by who? U can bet there not one trained CT repair technician in the SC.
  2. Lasttoy

    🚨 Cybertruck Factory Roof Lightbar in Action (and Roof Bar)

    The rack looks bowed? Not flat. I use a large luggage carrier on my S rack thar is flat across roof.
  3. Lasttoy

    Espresso Maker In Bed

    Go to car show. Break out maker and toaster for bagels. OMG, upset the entire show. Talk about tailgaters. Great idea
  4. Lasttoy

    No Cabin Overheat Protection?

    Thank God they saved Dog Mode. My dog goes everywhere in my S. He requires AC.
  5. Lasttoy

    $95 Cybertruck TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System now being sold

    I'm sure we can cross reference that part number to cheaper than 95 each?? They are made by other vender
  6. Lasttoy

    Trade-In Offer

    Be aware. Tesla will low ball u 50%
  7. Lasttoy

    Boycott Tesla’ ads to air during Super Bowl

    I didn't see any ad. Just another disgruntled ex employee. Sad
  8. Lasttoy

    Getting the run around from Tesla

    My bank said they were not issuing 2 checks. So I pay 80k up front, paid in full, and the no idea where truck is?? R they crazy or what?? We all know that Tesla knows where every cars is in the world that has connectivity. So they have no clue where the trucks are in the shipping...
  9. Lasttoy

    Getting a Physical Key?

    I have a 2013 S with 225k miles. I'm spoiled. So used to door handles presenting when I'm near. It will be brain train to touch pillar. I'm 80, fun teaching brain new habits.
  10. Lasttoy

    Getting a Physical Key?

    Thanks. So, cell is in contact with car without having to go to app and tell it to open? Cool
  11. Lasttoy

    Getting a Physical Key?

    Thanks for clearing up the door opening. Not. We have card in pocket, still to touch pillar for door to open? Go to cell, still have to touch pillar. Learning curve.
  12. Lasttoy

    12 Volts DC - Available in cabin?

    The video showed 3 places for 48v. Front, roof. Bed. But there has to be 12v on back trailer light hookups. Can't use them. I found small 48v to 12v inverters that will work. Look on ebay. They r for golf cart lighting.
  13. Lasttoy

    Getting a Physical Key?

    I've used FOB for my S so long it's part of me. Walk out to car with hands full and door handles present. Having to use cell or card in hand will be pain in the butt. I'll buy one if option??
  14. Lasttoy

    Laser Light Bar available when and what price?

    Remember we saw the power wires. They r 48 volts. The 2 power wires hidden are 48 volts. NOT 12.
  15. Lasttoy

    Tesla Insurance Texas

    They raised my sons $30 a month for 3 months for same bs. He bailed out.
  16. Lasttoy

    Just received VIN Florida

    U r saying they all money up front?? Not Navy is willing to give them money with no firm delivery date??
  17. Lasttoy

    States WITHOUT sales tax should double-check financing tab of Cybertruck order in app

    Kjod, u simply changed delivery location?? That easy?? I have summer address in Montana (snowbird) , winter in Florida. I would like to have it delivered in Montana so I can use on ranch.
  18. Lasttoy

    Does paying in full get you a VIN sooner?

    I'm paying Tesla cash with check from Navy. I get VIN , Navy hands me check with invoice amount. I give ck to Tesla. It's cash to them.
  19. Lasttoy

    VIN Assigned (Tesla is Making Changes Impacting Your Order. Confirm to Continue)

    I don't understand? If I say I'm paying CASH to Tesla, why is there a credit pull. I will have a bank check from Navy (as I did when I bought my S) . They take check. Call Navy, navy confirms, they have cash. What's with credit check. They get check from your bank. Which is cash to them.
  20. Lasttoy

    Canada's luxury tax not applicable to Cybertruck

    I don't remember 9169 lbs???