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  1. Akgolf

    Tesla Canceling Model S Plaid +

    I wasn’t going to get one of these, but hopefully the 500+ Cybertruck is still on the menu. I’ll still get one if it’s around 400 miles, but would like the extra range.
  2. Akgolf

    Electrify America I95 Route Down For Upgrades?

    Not very convenient for anyone relying on it this weekend.
  3. Akgolf

    Tesla Wrapping Service Coming For Cybertruck? Just Launched in China Tesla launches its own car wrap service Tesla has launched its own car wrap service through delivery centers starting with five cities in China. Could it be introduced in other markets? Over the last few years, Tesla has...
  4. Akgolf

    Cybertruck steel body can be superheated to different colors

    This could be.a big aftermarket business.
  5. Akgolf

    Tesla Van Maybe Based On Cybertruck?

    Right after GM announced they want to beat Tesla to the electric van segment we get this story.