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  1. CyberTrax (Cybertruck on Snow Tracks) in Action!

    From I was trying to hold off on posting any videos of the CyberTrax until we had the full YouTube video ready to go but I'm impatient and really just wanna share it with you right now, so here ya go....enjoy Huge thanks to the folks at @teslamotors for being so cool and...
  2. Cybertruck vs. 911 Turbo S drag race (Throttle House) [Update: Cybertruck was software limited 112mph top speed]

    Updated with more info on this Cybertruck (posted by @Cyberbestia) This is a regular Cybertruck, running Cyberbeast software with manufacturer plates and was being used by several influencers at GigaTexas. It was limited by software to a top speed of 112 mph, which is why all the bells were...
  3. Kuat Bike Hitch Rack installed photos + mountain bike fully fit laying down in bed

    Not mine but saw this setup posted. Thought it might be helpful for owners who need to transfer bikes. This is the Kuat Piston Pro X Hitch Bike Rack with LED Tail Lights. License plate remains visible, but the bike does partially block rear view camera. Also, for anyone...
  4. This Cybertruck got upgraded to 1.21 Jigawatts of output

    Doc Brown would be proud!
  5. Stunning sunset shot

  6. 8 Cybertrucks will be showcased in 8 China cities simultaneously, then go on national tour

    Tesla to kick off Cybertruck's China tour in late Jan BEIJING, Jan 23 (Reuters) - A China-wide tour showcasing Tesla's flagship Cybertruck pickup will kick off in late...
  7. PSA: snow on tonneau cover will slide into bed when opening (video)

    Just reference for current/future owners so they can plan ahead in case the snow will fall on moisture sensitive items in their Cybertruck's bed.
  8. Lug Nut Torque Spec = 151 ft-lbs

    For future search reference: Lug nut torque specs: 151 ft-lbs Lug nut socket size: 21 mm
  9. Cybertruck Aerodynamics / Drag Coefficient Cd analysis by computational fluid dynamics expert

    Computational fluid dynamics expert and CEO of AirShaper (software for computational fluid dynamics) uses the software to analyze the production Cybertruck's aerodynamics and drag coefficient.
  10. Tow Hitch Cover removal is easy (DIY). 4-way and 7-way connectors underneath

    Removing the tow hitch cover is easy -- just remove these 3 clips. Posted by @VoyageATXBen
  11. Cybertruck emergency charges a Rivian R1S stranded on road trip

    "My neighbor shared this picture with me. He got an emergency charge on his Rivian #R1S by a Tesla #cybertruck on a road trip with his family. He is too pissed off at the moment to tell me the story, but I can bet he was stranded by an unreliable, third party #CCS." Posted by Kitty Hoksbergen...
  12. Atlanta, GA Tesla store has a Cybertruck now (12/24)

    Address: 6165 Avalon Blvd Alpharetta, GA 30009
  13. Cybertruck on display at Riverside CA Tesla store now (12/23)

    Address: 7920 Lindbergh Dr, Riverside, CA 92508
  14. Cybertruck on display at Riverside, CA Tesla store now (12/23)

    Address: 7920 Lindbergh Dr, Riverside, CA 92508
  15. Cybertrucks are now on display at: Detroit MI, Cincinatti OH, and Kansas City MO

    Somerset Collection Mall in Detroit, MI 2800 W Big Beaver Rd, Troy, MI 48084 Cincinatti, OH 9111 Blue Ash Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242 Kansas City MO 10111 State Line RoadKansas City, MO 64114
  16. 🌲 Pine Green Wrap Cybertruck Completed (3M Vinyl Wrap)

    This Cybertruck was wrapped in 3M Pine Green Metallic Vinyl Wrap. This Foundation Series belongs to @zachsmickelson and wrapped by Tesbros Photo next to factory stainless steel Cybertruck: