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  1. h_arout

    Center Rear View Mirror Removal - DIY How-to Instructions & Photos

    Can we use the built-in visible wire to perhaps power a radar detector...👀
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    I checked my Tesla app and had my Cybertruck shown, with a "start a new design" button in blue (12/16/2023 9:00 AM EST). It let me place an order for a dual, or a tri-motor foundation series cybertruck. Later that day I checked, and only had a "Your Account" button in blue. (12/16/2023 7:00 PM...
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    NYC & Tampa Florida stores have Cybertrucks!

    I saw the Cybertruck today after waiting in line for ~5 minutes, and I have to say it is very large. My post may not be that useful as it doesn't contain much measurements or things you haven't already read on the previous threads here, but for those interested, here are some photos i've...
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    Finally got to see the Cybertruck Unicorn in person after 4yrs... it's so badass and appears much larger

    Are those astronaut-like footprints surrounding the floor the cybertruck is on? Or am I overthinking it.
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    Videos: best look yet @ interior, folded-up backseat, tonneau cover, display screen UI, range meter

    Idk what it is about this post, but now I’m REALLY looking forward to getting it, the UI looks so fitting to the car
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    Cybertruck with Smaller Street Tires + New Wheel Covers spotted [Video Added]

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhh idk how to feel about that
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    UI + Interior Video! Shot from Cybertruck driver seat 🎬

    So freaking excited, looks like an exploration truck from a sci-fi year 2050 apocalypse movie
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    Cybertruck top speed acceleration from stop light! 🚀 Don't blink! 😳

    They only have dual-motor RC cybertrucks correct? So that would mean this is the dual-motor variant.
  9. h_arout

    Video of the Cybertruck F-150 spotted on the highway

    Thank you, I come onto the forum once every few days, and just saw the video for the first time on tiktok, thought I should post it here. Thanks for letting me know.
  10. h_arout

    Video of the Cybertruck F-150 spotted on the highway

    There’s been some images on this website of the same cybertruck loaded and hooked onto the same truck, but I haven’t seen a video yet. Here’s a video I found on tiktok, and I believe the account posting this is the original. CREDITS: Twitter: @SERobinsonJr (EDITED)
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    [QUESTION] Is there a difference, besides aero, as to why there is a difference in old v. new prototypes?

    (Note: Yes, I know the picture on the right is slightly stretched and a little edited, but there is still a noticeable solid difference in the bumpers, hood, front of car, and the angles.) I know there will be aftermarket parts sold for the cybertruck similar to the rest of Tesla’s lineup...
  12. h_arout

    Cybertruck Front Seats Sneak Peek Video From Tesla's Testing Process 🍑

    Those seats looks really high quality, and well designed. Seems like bigger and defined bolsters.
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    Videos: Camo Cybertruck BLASTS BY at speed! All lights on! 🚨 [7/17/23]

    Looks really nice and sleek. No upper light bar though?
  14. h_arout

    Why are the new Cybertruck sightings so different than the original prototype?

    I was I gladly will still purchase the cybertruck because I think it’s the coolest and most unique car made in a while. Maybe I’m simply reaching hard, and just staring at minor details. I’ve only seen the cybertruck at the Petersen automotive museum, and it looks incredible. I then saw videos...
  15. h_arout

    Why are the new Cybertruck sightings so different than the original prototype?

    Is that a problem? By commenting this you’re just starting unneeded controversy. I don’t know if that’s your point or not. And yes, I did join today not JUST to post this, but more so to post other threads in the near future