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  1. Quicksilver

    You do not want to purchase an ICE pickup truck now (ask me how I know)

    Today the Boss Lady and I went to Atlanta to pick up something. She has an 04 Dodge 3500 dually. The truck has been nickle and diming her to death but we have kept it on life support because she doesn't want a payment (she has limited income). She's gotten into a deal where she will have to make...
  2. Quicksilver

    Used Tesla prices

    I took my Nissan van in for service the other day and discovered that they have not one but three Teslas for sale. Two are used Model 3's. Since I'm not read into how Teslas are equipped and priced I was just...
  3. Quicksilver

    How fast in reverse

    Ok I admit I'm bored since I'm laid up in bed recovering from a knee scope. When something pops into my mind it usually runs out of my mouth (thanks AHAD). So my question is: Will the Cybertruck run as fast in Reverse as it will in Drive? In the movie "Hooper" Burt Reynolds plays a stuntman and...
  4. Quicksilver

    No more diesels in my stable

    Today I sold my Pierce and Boardman fire trucks. Both were powered by Detroit two stroke diesel engines. They were powerful, loud and I loved listening to that drone when they were up to speed on the highway. I sold my big M927A2 military cargo truck last year. But as they say "all things must...
  5. Quicksilver

    Financing my CT.......Tesla stock or savings account

    I had an interesting conversation with my banker the other day. This is the lady that helped me pay off a big credit card balance and gives me sound financial advice. I have a thousand dollars a month to save toward the down payment on my CT. According to my information my truck should be built...
  6. Quicksilver

    Towing to charge a Tesla

    I have read on here that a Tesla cannot be flat towed in case of running out of power or other breakdown. But I'm watching YouTube today (my feed sends me a lot of Tesla related videos) and I see this video: Would Tesla void the warranty if they knew you did this>
  7. Quicksilver

    Tesla event in Alabama

    This takes place near Birmingham. I plan on being there. If you make it and want to meet up send me a PM and I'll give you my phone number. Tesla Owners! Drive Your Tesla at Barber Motorsports Park. Plus, enjoy discounted pricing on museum tour tickets. When: January 24th, Tesla owners...
  8. Quicksilver

    Alabama here

    As far as I can tell I'm the third person in Alabama to put a deposit on the CT. Anyone else out there?
  9. Quicksilver

    Insurance and financing

    I watched a video on YouTube that was about Tesla insuring cars in California now and maybe expanding the market to the rest of the country. The way the guy explained it was that insurance in California for Teslas was very high so Tesla stepped up and started their own insurance company. He...
  10. Quicksilver

    Can't sign in to

    Ok......I'll admit to being somewhat of a Luddite where computers are concerned having been dragged kicking and screaming into the computer age. I put my deposit down in Dec. and have not been able to access the website since......and yes....I have reset the password many times. And you can't...