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  1. Rivian CEO Doesn’t Think Cybertruck Will Lure Away R1T Customers... Agree / Disagree?

    I would buy a R1T if there was not CyberTruck. But, I'm getting a CyberTruck because it's RAD I would buy a R1T if there was no Cybertruck. But, I will be getting a Cybertruck.
  2. Cybertruck spotted carrying 8 tires in bed! @ Tesla Store in Merritt Island, FL

    The parts runner's truck. Where can I apply?
  3. First verified Crash Tested Cybertruck at Giga Texas! [Photos]

    Anyone have an opinion of what the MPH was for this crash test?
  4. Control buttons for vault bed - closeup pics 🔍

    The SS will be trouble for some. Wrapping mine seems more and more appealing.
  5. [Video added] Cybertruck black interior, dashboard, frunk tub (in bed) - while supercharging

    Looks like its been through the ringer and ready to back for more.
  6. Cybertruck spotted stuck in the mud?

    And it's getting help by a Ford. Here we go again.
  7. Giga Windshield Wiper BAW closeup look 💧

    Seriously looks like Jimmy Buffet.
  8. Latest Cybertruck sighting from Fremont [4/25/23]

    I am hoping that the casings for the side view mirrors are also 30X SS.
  9. How long will you wait for your Cybertruck?

    I would just stay in line. Nothing to lose. I ordered at 5am after the reveal, dual motor. I regret not going tri-motor and wish changing my order wouldn't kick to the back of the line. Does anyone know if upgrading to a tri or quad-motor would set me back in line?
  10. Cybertruck labeled "side-show cult car" for superfans by analyst

    I edited my reservation to add FSD at $8000 before it was about to go up. Im confident after I did that it was locked in because it listed the cost of FSD. If you reserved it and check FSD, I would be confident you will get FSD at the price you reserved your CyberTruck. For now, we wait and see...
  11. Cybertruck Crash Test Video Analysis by Munro Live

    Pretty cool. Love how they the pill the layers and get into the engineering. Thanks for posting. Thanks Munro and Associates.
  12. Cybertruck labeled "side-show cult car" for superfans by analyst

    My thoughts also. I'm in the Tacoma cult right now. I love Jeeps, Hummers and Honda African Twins, and a cult member of Netflix and Hulu, etc, etc. Stop it with 'cults', so 2019. I will love to race other Cybertrucks and compare and make conversation with other owners. I will be the 1000th...