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  1. Car wash vs fingerprints

    Seeing everyone using BFK for cleaning fingerprints off their CTs This might sound ignorant, but does a drive through car wash do the trick? Also, people always gripe about micro abraisions coming from contact-brush car washes and ruining the paint, but I'd assume the CT shouldn't really...
  2. Two Tesla User ID’s

    You can have them merge accounts. I did this actually as I also had two Tesla accounts, and my CT res was completely fine That said, it may still be better to wait, and merge accounts after delivery is taken if you feel it is too risky
  3. Dashboard no longer shows CyberTruck reservation

    my original reservation as well as the second one I placed on Nov 30th are both in the system when I log in.
  4. Everyone stay calm. Keep your order until things settle.

    I also placed a second order after the event yesterday. Went the AWD route rather than Beast My new RN is significantly higher, but the website told me it would be delivered in 2024 so obviously I will take that as gospel given that the CT doesn't have any history of breaching timelines thus...
  5. Cybertruck Delivery Event LIVE STREAM Link & Viewing Party! 🥳 -- Post photos, reactions & comments 💬

    wow, we learned basically everything we already know... and neither of the two most important specs we needed...
  6. Cybertruck in Colorado Springs??

    A buddy of mine saw a CT driving south on I-25 from Denver today. I’m hoping it was driving down to the CO Springs Tesla showroom, wanted to drop a line out here to see if anyone has an idea?
  7. Rumor: reservation numbers starting with "112" will be delivered relatively quickly.

    I have a Tri reservation and it is RN113 that said, it was initially a Dual Motor res, and I switched it to Tri a few months after... I ordered mine in April of 2020
  8. Grab handles above the doors? Would you guys miss not having grab handles above the doors?

    I always have a tendency to grab the oh shit handles myself while riding in a car, idk why, and I certainly won't blame it on my wife in a public forum such as this.... It took some getting used to in my model Y since it doesn't have them. I would hope the CT would given that it's a truck and...
  9. 2024 Cybertruck Official Specs Leaked?! 😱 - Udated With Compare/Analysis

    But wouldn't that be seemingly wasteful of highly coveted 4680 cells? I'm familiar with more power being unlocked (faster 0-60) within the software, but I haven't heard of unlocking more actual range before, unless I've missed something?
  10. 2024 Cybertruck Official Specs Leaked?! 😱 - Udated With Compare/Analysis

    The weight difference between dual motor and tri motor does not seem to allow for much additional battery capacity, or any additional capacity for that matter. #500rangeWishListClub
  11. 1st one I've seen in Colorado

    Ohhhh nice... Where was that video taken in CO?
  12. Real Cyber Truck Owners

    we'll need a non-public forum within this one where you're only allowed to join if you can prove your VIN or something. That way we can look down on everyone else in style:
  13. 🎺🎉Q3 2023 Results Livestream 👀 -- Complete!! (Recap inside)

    Okay so this is normal then. Does anyone know when the M3 specs became public info before the delivery event? Was it all revealed on the actual delivery night?
  14. 🎺🎉Q3 2023 Results Livestream 👀 -- Complete!! (Recap inside)

    is it surprising that we are essentially 1 month out from the delivery event but we don't know the specs, most notably the range? I've never payed this close attention to a Tesla delivery event before, so I don't know if this is standard practice or not. Did folks know the MY or M3 specs well...
  15. Rear Seat View Thread -- Discuss 💬

    From the other thread showing the rollover crash tested model, we got a great glimpse of the back seat area in ways we haven't seen yet. I figured this may warrant it's own separate thread from the crash discussion. Let's talk about it:
  16. Unpopular opinion: I don't think your "reservation" spot matters

    I'm not referring to what Tesla has said, I'm referring to the predictions we all have been going off of such as the reservation tracker, for example. My prediction is the conversion rate for existing res holders will be much less than the total existing number. Obviously over time there will...
  17. Unpopular opinion: I don't think your "reservation" spot matters

    So I'm actually a relatively early reservation holder, this isn't just wishful thinking from someone who ordered a week ago. I still predict that if they batch out emails in some sort of chronological order, that a very large percentage will not have cash on hand to pony up. How long would...
  18. Unpopular opinion: I don't think your "reservation" spot matters

    That's great news for me then. I never use the frunk on my Model Y. I'll happily be one of the couple hundred :)