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  1. Aged Stainless steel looks awesome.

    Patina - love it!
  2. Rear view mirror - visibility?

    Of course, there is an expectation that Tesla can and should review customer complaints, warranty claims, feedback, etc, for opportunities to improve their products. For example, if something as simple as a coating on the rear camera lens fixes 95% of the problem, they would work with their...
  3. Rear view mirror - visibility?

    To me, this type of issue is a chance for the forum to shine. We can share different "fixes" and/or modifications for others to copy or improve upon. For example, if Tesla is not likely to add a washer to the back camera, could we figure out how to do it ourselves? Could a simple coating of...
  4. Tesla Cybertruck Review - Throttle House

    Yeah, I hear you. This is one reason why I like to actually sit in and test drive a vehicle before purchasing. I'm surprised that the SC was not able to find and eliminate the "baloon animal" noise. That type of issue should have been easy to find, but it does take a technician with some...
  5. Judge Rules Against Elon's Pay Package [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    As with all legal situations, this may take awhile to settle out. Therefore, I am offering my services to assist. Specifically, I am willing to hold all of the subject funds in an interest-bearing account, until such time that a final ruling is rendered. At that time, I will release said...
  6. Tesla Cybertruck Review - Throttle House

    Thanks to @cvalue13 for a spot-on summary! I was going to pass on this video due to the 40-minute length, but your comments intrigued me so I watched. The visibility comments are of particular interest to me, along with the ride and interior noise level. This is why I hope to be able to test...
  7. Judge Rules Against Elon's Pay Package [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    This situation may not bode well for CT deliveries to those of us that reside in Delaware...:cry:
  8. Rivian shouldn't even be in the picture. Cybertruck or Lightning are the only contenders

    I believe that the newer F150s have aluminum sheet metal instead of steel, which would be more susceptible to dents and dings. Something else to consider when comparison shopping.
  9. Buying the FS CT Isn't Logical

    Agree, seems a lot of people age 50+ are very open to Tesla technology, from FSD to Cybertruck. One of the reasons may be that we were promised that we would have flying cars by the year 2000. The next best thing is to have a BEV!
  10. Holy cow! Invite email just arrived. 1/17/24

    Nice to see the east coast getting vehicles! Enjoy the CT, and don't forget to post items of interest here.
  11. Cybertruck vs Rivian vs Lightning! Comparison & Recommendation by Out of Spec Kyle

    Thought this was a well-made and informative comparison video. It will be interesting to see an updated version, once the Silverado and perhaps the Canoo are (finally) available. At that time, the CT should have at least a few improvements under its belt.
  12. Small Aero Wheel Covers spotted & compared (to larger covers)!

    To me, the base wheel would look good with a center cap to only cover the lug nuts. Hopefully this will eventually be one of the Tesla accessories, similar to the cap offered on the M3 wheels when the aero cover is removed.
  13. FOMO vs. FOMR

    I see that you are in Pennsylvania. Would your delivery center be the one in Devon?
  14. My Cybertruck is Delivered Today January 11!! (non-employee) 👍 First Impressions + Photos 📸

    The lack of autopilot/FSD at the present time makes sense to me. Remember that this is the first Tesla with 4WS and steer-by-wire. The auto-driving software will need to be revised to take advantage of these capabilities. I'm sure the issue is being worked and we will see this functionality...
  15. The Positive, Argument Free Cybertruck Thread

    For me, the cybertruck simply checks off many boxes of my wants/needs in a vehicle: I enjoy wedge-shaped vehicles Love the looks and practicality of the stainless steel skin I enjoy driving BEVs, and driving pickups - now I can have both in one vehicle Production has actually started and is...
  16. Taking the CYBERTRUCK on a MASSIVE ROADTRIP | Charging was TOUGH

    When I changed from a Model-3 to a Model-X, I remember muttering to myself about the MX being a bit of an energy hog when compared to the M3. As others have stated, the physics cannot be ignored (greater mass, poorer cd, etc.). I expect to see the same observation of greater energy usage when...