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  1. Quicksilver

    Alabama here

    Please let us other Bamians know when you get yours. I'd love to see one up close and personal.
  2. Quicksilver

    Cybertruck Horn

    I'm a big rail fan. I got to see the Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" steam locomotive in person a few years ago. I'm thinking the sound of the steam whistle on that beast would command respect among the unwashed masses. Got to see a CT in person in Atlanta, GA today. Yes it is far more...
  3. Quicksilver

    Tesla Cybertruck is Now Cheapest Tesla You Can Order

    I was a bit perturbed that if I want the hot rod version it will cost me almost 100 grand. Will I settle for the mid-range at just under 80K and get the tax credit? Maybe. This will be the last vehicle I ever buy so I'm going to get what I want even if I have to eat Raman noodle a few times a...
  4. Quicksilver

    Cybertruck first impressions @ Tesla store

    I know there is a Cybertruck in the Charlotte and Tampa stores (Southern region). Anyone know what other stores have them on display. I was hoping one would be in Atlanta but I'll do a ten hour turn and burn to see the one in Charlotte if I have to. I gots to see one in person.
  5. Quicksilver

    Cyberquad Available!! (for your kid)

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Quicksilver

    Cybertruck Pricing Revealed on Order Agreement (Real or Faked?)

    My olfactory senses detect a rodent.
  7. Quicksilver

    Will Cybertruck be your first truck ever?

    My Cybertruck will not be the first truck I've ever bought but it will be the last vehicle I ever buy unless Tesla builds a van.
  8. Quicksilver

    Cybertruck delivery event ticket lottery now open! [Deadline: 11/3/23]

    I'm in. Come on dice.......daddy needs to go to Austin.
  9. Quicksilver

    Cybertruck top speed acceleration from stop light! 🚀 Don't blink! 😳

    One of my first trips will be the local drag strip on Test and Tune night to smoke some of the coal rollers like a cheap cigar.
  10. Quicksilver

    Rollover Crash Tested Cybertruck w/ airbags deployed & smashed interior (back seat look)!

    It's official......................Cybertruck is tougher than woodpecker lips.
  11. Quicksilver

    Custom vanity license plate for your Cybertruck?

    QKSLVER If it is available by the time I get mine.
  12. Quicksilver

    Great time for Cybertruck PRICING PREDICTIONS

    Well........that certainly sucks. Time to crank up the old tax dodge again.
  13. Quicksilver

    Great time for Cybertruck PRICING PREDICTIONS

    I checked my Tesla account and there is now a place to configure my truck when the time comes. I'm around 400,000 down the list so I figure some time in 2025. I hope. I went through this whole thread and everyone seems to be missing Vertical Integration as part of the equation. A ton of parts...
  14. Quicksilver

    John from Cleanerwatt - "The initial pricing of the CyberTruck will be $90,000 - $120,000"

    I hope I have at least a two year wait before I'm called to configure my CT. Since I'm in the lower 400,000 in the line this seems reasonable based on Elon's estimate for ramping up production. I realize that people ahead of me might decide to forgo a CT based on any number of reasons thereby...
  15. Quicksilver

    Official Cybertruck Accessory store is live!! Includes: Tailgate ramp, Basecamp, wrap, franz ball decal and more

    I watched the video at the shareholders meeting and I didn't see a receiver hitch on the rear of the CT on display out front. Maybe it's covered while not in use but I sure hope it is included in the final design. I'd hate to trust some aftermarket dealer to install one. Ideally it would have...
  16. Quicksilver

    Design the official Cybertruck Owners Club BAW T Shirt

    How about a skeleton sitting on a bench with the caption "STILL WAITING FOR MY CYBERTRUCK".
  17. Quicksilver

    Cybertruck spotted with frunk open, revealing waterfall design!

    In my neck of the woods we have the "Alabama Suicidal Whitetail Deer". The first thing I put on the Ram 3500 was a "Bull Bumper". It cost about what my deductible would be if I hit something. If there are hardpoints on the front of the CT I will put the same bumper on it. The one I have has a...
  18. Quicksilver

    Official Cybertruck Accessory store is live!! Includes: Tailgate ramp, Basecamp, wrap, franz ball decal and more

    Front bull bumper with Reese hitch to temporarily mount winch. Also to prevent damage from suicidal deer.
  19. Quicksilver

    Possible Cybertruck Beast Mode to be classified as Class 4 vehicle ?

    I watched snippets of the Investor Day event, Am I wrong or did one of the Tesla higher ups say that the CT production would be limited to 50,000 per year? If so it would be seven years before mine is built, Did anyone else pick up on this?
  20. Quicksilver

    Cybertruck roof rack for work..... to carry long lumber on top or plumbing pipe

    I'm waiting on a CT like most of us here. At Investor Day they hinted at a van version of the object of our affliction. If they put a Cybervan on a pre-order I'll have one reserved fast. Once it is being built I'll drop the CT like a bad habit. My guess is a CV will be the perfect truck for...