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  1. My CyberBeast Foundation Series Delivery! - 02/26/24

    So is this considered a pre-production Cyberbeast since it's going to a Tesla employee? Or are they being delivered to non-Tesla people as well?
  2. Total Cap on Foundation Series?

    Looks like they have a mechanism in place to keep the order rate higher than the production rate. After all they have 2 million deposits, so as long as their selection algorithm converts those into orders are a sufficient rate, they won't have a problem selling "limited edition" trucks for years.
  3. Total Cap on Foundation Series?

    As long as Tesla does nothing to stop flippers, 100K vehicles will sell just for that purpose. Which is great for Tesla, btw.
  4. Total Cap on Foundation Series?

    If you look up the legal definiition of "limited edition" they mention the stated maximum number produced. Tesla has not officially stated what the maximum number will be. So, it's not really limited edition, sounds more like marketing BS.
  5. Total Cap on Foundation Series?

    If you think about it, every vehicle produced is limited. They eventually stop making them.
  6. Cybertruck vs Corvette Z06 // DRAG & ROLL RACE by Throttle House

    I would like to see them redo the 911 race with a Cyberbeast. 911 vs AWD CT wasn't really fair. I know the video description says Cyberbeast but the Cyberbeast doesn't top out at 110 mph, so I'm not sure what's going on there.
  7. Total Cap on Foundation Series?

    They will stop selling Foundation Series trucks when people stop ordering them.
  8. My CyberBeast Foundation Series Delivery! - 02/26/24

    Awesome, enjoy your Beast!
  9. First Cybertruck at Manhiem wholesale auction

    No way Tesla will go after any of these resellers. It's just bad publicity to do so. On the other hand, allowing them to resell at ridiculously high prices is the best advertising campaign anyone could come up with.
  10. Kardashian Series Cybertruck

    That's it, I'm cancelling my reservation.
  11. My turn for Critical Error, week 2

    I'm sure Elon will sleep on the factory floor until it's all ironed out, just like he did when the Model 3 was ramping up!
  12. Cybertruck vs F150 Lightning - Reactions When Getting Drinks

    Is the Mach-E just a trim of the Mustang then?
  13. Cybertruck rear ended by Ram truck. Stainless steel TKO 🥊

    You go to trade it in and when they ask if it's been in an accident you answer no. Then you change your mind and say yes, and watch them lower the tradein value by X amount.
  14. My Cybertruck arrived at Miami Garden, but no delivery yet... needs a week-long inspection

    Does the "inspection" involve driving it around for a week and then rolling back the odometer?
  15. Tug of War: CyberTruck vs. diesel GMC Silverado (by Cyber Hooligan)

    This is one of the worst/dumbest CT videos I've seen on Youtube so far. People will do the dumbest things for clicks.
  16. One of these posers took my Cybertruck reservation!

    Are these all Foundation Series trucks or do they have the celebrity's name engraved on the side?
  17. Model (toy) Cybertruck has 6th seat

    The front seats are bolted into the battery under the floor. As you can see there isn't much room for a 3rd seat in the middle. The real CT is smaller than the original concept from 4 years ago.
  18. One week Multiple failures WTF!!

    Hey, you could always sell it for a profit.
  19. PSA: Wealthfront caps transfers at $50k!

    This is one of those outfits that downloads all your bank transactions for the last year and sells it to third parties. Same with Plaid. That 5.5% interest ain't worth it, you're the product.