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  1. TickTock

    Designed a Cyberbeast License Plate Frame (3D Print File Download)

    I created and uploaded a model for a license plate frame including the CyberBeast Logo and optionaL text below. If you have access to a printer, let the world know what's coming!
  2. TickTock

    I think my Lighting is starting to suspect...

    Got the plate... Now I just need the Beast!
  3. TickTock

    How long is the trade-in offer good for? And is it binding?

    ..and am I correct to assume I can still say no and choose to keep it at delivery? I (like everyone) got low-balled on my trade-in (about $10K below CarMax's offer and $15K below private sale). However, since it will be probably at least 9 months before I get assigned a VIN for my FSCB, the...
  4. TickTock

    Birds eye view or or rear cross-traffic alerts?

    Anyone seen any confirmation of a birdeye view on the CT?