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  1. My All Black Everything Cybertruck: gloss black PPF and 5% tint

    Got my Cybertruck back today all blacked out with gloss black PPF and 5% tint all around including 50% tint on the windshield. Big shout out to Danny at Champion Auto Salon in San Juan Capistrano, CA for an insanely awesome job.
  2. Cybertruck - After Purchase Mods Thread (PPF, Tint, etc)

    I didn’t see a master thread on after market customizations like PPF wrap, window tint etc. so I thought I’d start one. Got my Cybertruck delivered at Carlsbad on Friday. Drove it up to Champion Auto Salon in Orange County today and dropped it off with Danny. Shop: Champion Auto Salon, San...
  3. Cybertruck AWD Delivered 02/09/23 Carlsbad

    Following up on my VIN assigned thread. Delivered: Today 10:30 am 02/09/24 at Carlsbad Called Tesla: 02/07/24 to Schedule Delivery myself. No one from Tesla ever contacted me because I was reaching out before they were. Arrived: by train 02/06/24 at Carlsbad 11 pm Called Tesla: 02/01/24...
  4. VIN Assigned (Tesla is Making Changes Impacting Your Order. Confirm to Continue)

    San Diego 12/8 AWD order and just got VIN over night. Also got this “change” regarding Tesla Vision. Anyone else get this on VIN assignment?
  5. Tesla Financing Expired and Reapplied

    My original financing through Tesla was with TD Bank at $10k down and 6.69% interest for 60 months confirmed on 12/9/23, day of my order. I checked the app on VIN day and that offer expired. i immediately reapplied through the Tesla app and I got hosed compared to my last offer. New offer was...