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  1. Matte Dark Gray (3M) - T Sportline DIY Wrap Kit

    Can you wrap over a wrap, and then do it again? In case I decide to change colors. Can a wrap be removed to get back to original stainless? This question goes for all the different types of wraps.
  2. Cybertruck Ladder Racks?

    Someone else posted this site on the forum at another discussion.
  3. Cybertruck Ladder Racks?

    yes please. These look great. definitely takes away from the Cybertruck look, but to make the Cybertruck work more for my business that is what I must do. thanks for sharing!
  4. Cybertruck Ladder Racks?

    Probably leveled off would be best. but with tie downs for attachments. pipe tray is a good idea.
  5. Cybertruck Ladder Racks?

    Are there any aftermarket ladder racks that anyone knows about? Also with the Tesla offered ones not easy to tie down anything unless directly to the rack itself. I am a carpenter and will actually use them. Thanks for your help.
  6. Dimension of Cybertruck front. For Sec 179

    So does it seem like 179 is not really intended for vehicles, more for 18 wheelers or box trucks? I first heard about Sec 179 from someone who purchased a model X and was able to write off a lot of it for business. it was called the hummer loophole
  7. Dimension of Cybertruck front. For Sec 179

    I’m looking for the measurement from the front most part of the windshield to the front of the truck. came across this info about truck specifics for sec 179. is this accurate? What about #2. There is seating behind the driver. Does that affect the Cybertruck. Anyone familiar with this? I have...
  8. Foundation AWD Home Share installation

    I wish Tesla would allow non certified people to install Powerwall and equipment. I understand why they don’t but I have the capability to do those things. And I believe Tesla is not accepting any new installers, at least a few years ago they were not.
  9. Foundation AWD Home Share installation

    I do use solar now & lithium batteries for storage. I Love it. It’s likely what got me so into electric vehicles. I was just stating that Tesla solar is not available in my area so PowerShare may also not be an option.
  10. Foundation AWD Home Share installation

    i probably know the answer. and it would likely be specific to the Tesla installer. I’m pretty certain Tesla doesn’t install solar in my area, they do Powerwalls though. In Tennessee, south of Nashville. I live completely off the grid and do not have or need for my home usage a 200amp service...
  11. Foundation AWD Home Share installation

    Would you mind sharing the Tesla installers name and contact. I have a few questions that I’d like to see if I can ask them. Thanks. I would either see about installing at my house or my in laws depending on some details.
  12. Took Cybertruck Delivery Yesterday! (Marina Del Rey, LA CA)

    Thanks for the positive feedback! Excitement is real!
  13. Cybertruck Headlights brightness / improvements via software update?

    Good to hear there are folks praising the lights!
  14. Cybertruck Headlights brightness / improvements via software update?

    I keep seeing posts about the headlights not working great. (More specifically from Kyle at out of spec). I don’t live in the city and bright lights at night are very important to me. I also get a lot of fog where I live. Just wondering if improvements to headlights is software or not.
  15. Cybertruck Headlights brightness / improvements via software update?

    I hope this question has not already been asked. With all the discussion about the headlights on the Cybertruck not working that great on dark roads. I’m wondering if headlight brightness or other improvements can be made by software updates.
  16. Foundation Cybertruck trade-in for new Cybertruck in future?

    Anyone have any experience with purchasing a Tesla vehicle and then trading it in for a new one of the same model. My questioning is developing to see if Tesla provides a very good trade in value? I believe Tesla might update some physical features on the CT after some time and if I wanted to...
  17. Does Sentry Mode only come with FSD?

    Does sentry mode for the cybertruck, or any Tesla for that matter, only come with FSD option?