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  1. TickTock

    Noticed sanding swirls & scratches on my newly delivered Cybertruck

    BKF will not fix that. I would definitely *imediately* schedule a service ticket to fix. The longer you wait the more chance they will try to say it happened after delivery.
  2. TickTock

    Cybertruck Warranty - No Offroad?? Excludes driving over uneven, rough or damaged roads including potholes....

    Seems fair to me. Good that they will allow me optimize my suspension should I choose to participate in a Baja race but I would not expect any manufacturer to cover damages from the abuse that can result. No truck is going to survive dropping a wheel into a rut at 60mph. Just because they...
  3. TickTock

    “I’ll take stupid mods for $1000, Alex!”

    control arm broke... Gee, no one saw that coming. [eyeroll]
  4. TickTock

    Arizona rise up! Let’s go. VIN secured.

    She confirmed. These were on eastbound 60 in Mesa.
  5. TickTock

    Arizona rise up! Let’s go. VIN secured.

    Yup. Definitely in AZ now. My daughter texted me this image yesterday at 5:30 pm. I believe she was on 60 in the east valley at the time.
  6. TickTock

    It gets hot inside Cybertruck cabin

    White dash mat. I am planning to also re-upholster all the seats in white leather (was planning that for aesthetics before you mentioned the solar oven effect - all the more reason).
  7. TickTock

    First service appointment completed: tailgate lightbar cracked glass & stained running boards

    cyberSD619 said: Stains on rocker panels. TickTock said: BKF? Actually, I meant BarKeeper's Friend. But brake fluid would do it too! :)
  8. TickTock

    Steering Lag

    I think a better test would be to compare the speed of the turn to another vehicle (with an average strength person turning the wheel as fast as they can). Still the post is silly/FUD. Applies to a boundary condition that occurs... never. ..and even in this case it is hardly a safety issue as...
  9. TickTock

    Designed a Cyberbeast License Plate Frame (3D Print File Download)

    I created and uploaded a model for a license plate frame including the CyberBeast Logo and optionaL text below. If you have access to a printer, let the world know what's coming!
  10. TickTock

    Squirkle steering wheel behavior when Cybertruck is sleeping.

    I had the same thought when I read the title. Maybe some REM RSM sleep activity? Perhaps during an OTA? :-)
  11. TickTock

    Squirkle steering wheel behavior when Cybertruck is sleeping.

    You could add a weight at the bottom if it really bugs you.
  12. TickTock

    Trade in value?

    Carvana offered me $10K more than Tesla did for my 23 Lightning. It is a tough time to sell now - we've gone from a shortage of new cars to a glut in under 2 years.
  13. TickTock


    TBH, I still don't know what I will do once my VIN is assigned. On one hand I am paying for it with TSLA stock I purchased over 10 years ago so I tell myself it is costing me less than $10k. But that is pure self-delusion. $130K (destination, tax, etc) is still $130K and if I wait 2 years I...
  14. TickTock


    New Tesla fan condition/vanity plate: CYBROKE. ;)
  15. TickTock

    Tesla Cybertruck Review - Throttle House

    Lol! @Bkb13 - we were thinking the same thing - you beat me by seconds.
  16. TickTock

    Tesla Cybertruck Review - Throttle House

    OK. Enough with the "guillotine" FUD. I just did the same test on my F150 LIghtning. Guess what? It did the same thing! I didn't even have to go to the pinch point - even at the front of the truck it chopped the carrots right in half. I think a better test would be something like a chicken...
  17. TickTock

    ⚡️ PowerShare Install, Specs, Details confirmed! No load shifting (for now)

    Thanks for sharing! Sounds like the installation cost is coming in under the $4k FSCB coupon which is promising. When do you expect to get your cybertruck (or do you already have it)?
  18. TickTock

    Avoid Getting “Keyed” ? [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Teslas used to be a target for keying a few years ago. ..until some folks learned about Sentry Mode the hard way. Between SS panels and that I don't think it is a concern.