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  1. MajorVictory

    5 Cybertrucks in Fort Myers, FL Waiting for Delivery

    Can the admin add a dedicated SW FL sub forum section?
  2. MajorVictory

    January Orders

    Agree, pattern for early Jan order/configurations would see a VIN later this week, at least for TX/CA/FL...
  3. MajorVictory

    7 degrees of rear steering angle showing on my Cybertruck

    Some of what you wonder is addressed indirectly here:
  4. MajorVictory

    My Cybertruck arrived at Miami Garden, but no delivery yet... needs a week-long inspection

    Not right. May even be benign or a good thing with extra efforts to deliver best possible product. The lack of properly communicating is inexcusably wrong.
  5. MajorVictory

    Do I have a secret VIN number?

    Where is the possible VIN located in the app?
  6. MajorVictory

    VINs Pending Delivery Chart

    Pathetic that some need to physically go to the SC to get updates.
  7. MajorVictory

    Seeking advice, ordered CyberBeast FS in December

    If they won’t transfer the deposit for you’re M3P, consider asking to apply it to a non foundation series beast. The delay may find you in a different position or frame of mind when it comes up or the non flip clause may be struck by them.
  8. MajorVictory

    The Tesla Cybertruck Range Kinda Sucks, Here's Why | Vegas to LA Roadtrip

    The low temps, rain, larger/heavier wheel/tire package and aftermarket fender extenders cause a significant hit in range.
  9. MajorVictory

    First issue with the Cybertruck -- rattle from driver side door window

    watched a video on YouTube yesterday commenting on Dennis CW CT, vehicle virgin?, and made fun of drivers side door rattle when closing. It sounds like this same issue.
  10. MajorVictory

    Elon wearing Cybertruck sneakers shoes

    I wonder if this is part of the reason all of the superstars (Pharell, GaGa, Kardashian etc) and youtube influencers are given the red cybertruck carpet orders first...Brand building for merch etc.
  11. MajorVictory

    VINs Pending Delivery Chart

    That was before Tesla crapped on reservation holders in line without 30,000 brownie points.
  12. MajorVictory

    Awesome range when practicing energy management -- range is as advertised or better in my Cybertruck

    I wonder if he means you can adjust the amount of brake regeneration using the throttle to maintain the desired downhill speed.
  13. MajorVictory

    Do I really need to stick to recommended charging range of 20-80% ?

    Reminds me of the saying about saving money, if you don’t fly first class your kids will. Why slave from 20-80% when most of us flip into a new vehicle every 3-5 years? Yeah I always think I’ll keep this one forever…. I had an 2018 M3 with the acceleration upgrade, charged to 90-100% and...
  14. MajorVictory

    Windshield Sun Shade for Cybertruck?

    A ceramic heat rejecting tint on the windshield (illegal in some states) works wonders.
  15. MajorVictory

    Tesla's Cybertruck VIN Activation Tracker (NOT Customer VIN Allocations)

    I saw that too a few weeks ago and it was mentioned on this forum. It was not a vin, trying to recall what someone opined and it made sense.