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  1. ButterEV

    Can the CyberTruck replace a delivery truck? Watch how it did

    So I decided to replace our delivery truck with the CyberTruck. Watch to see how it did.
  2. ButterEV

    CyberTruck Interview with Andre from TFLtruck

    I had the pleasure to interview Andre from TFLtruck. He gives his initial thoughts and impressions of the highly talked about CyberTruck
  3. ButterEV

    Wrapped and tinted my CyberTruck -- 3M 2080 Brushed Black Metallic & Ceramic Tint

    Wrap is 3M 2080 Brushed Black Metallic vinyl. 15% tint installed on the front windows. The factory rear window tint was 22.9% so we add 50% tint to get as close to the 15% tint that we put on the front windows. The windshield is 50%.
  4. ButterEV

    After 4 years we finally took delivery of our CyberTruck [video]

    Also see my existing takeaways, impressions, updates thread at:
  5. ButterEV

    Takeaways after owning Cybertruck for 24 hours (updates: factory window tint = 22.9%, scratches pics added)

    Updated with tint meter reading of factory rear window tint level = 22.9% Updated with photos of the scratches: Also see previous video: