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  1. cyberSD619

    TESBROS center console wrap - Matrix Black

    Wrapped my center console in matrix black wrap from @TESBROS . Looks good but also think they could have added wrap pieces for the left and right plastic sides of the console.
  2. cyberSD619

    First service appointment completed: tailgate lightbar cracked glass & stained running boards

    Just completed my first service appointment at Tesla Miramar for items I found at delivery. 1. They replaced my tailgate light. - The issue was a small crack found in the glass. 2. Stains on rocker panels. - Their detail team couldn’t remove them so they ordered new rocker panels that...
  3. cyberSD619

    Pure PPF Satin Stainless Steel Wrap done by Tint World Miramar (San Diego)

    Got my CT wrapped. Wanted to keep it looking like the OG color with added protection (fingerprints were getting annoying too). WRAP: Pure PPF Satin Stainless Steel TINT: Suntek evolve 15% all around, 50% windshield Shout out to Tint World Miramar, Jay did an awesome job keeping me updated...
  4. cyberSD619

    Centralized CT Delivery Hubs by region?

    Just wondering if this is the case for CTs I live in San Diego, but on my registration it says Irvine is my Tesla location. Carlsbad is the closest one too me and where I took deliveries of my current Tesla.