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  1. Tesla not following reservation order numbers

    This is exactly my point. Elon and Tesla advertise as not the same ol car manufacturer and it's literally just the same ol car manufacturer. We all know that cars and trucks are hard to build, we know it's expensive. Tesla said it wouldn't be, not me. I didnt make the claims, they did...
  2. Tesla not following reservation order numbers

    Lol. Y'all really do just excuse everything. "I don't think Tesla ever said the reservation was any kind of place in line ..." "I don't think Tesla ever said it would be a certain price" "I don't think Tesla ever promised 500 miles" "I don't think he really meant exoskeleton" "The BAW is...
  3. Stainless Steel Heat Coloring

    Elon said it would be an option.... But... Ya know how that turns out.
  4. Cybertruck Tailgate

    Yet another cost cutting feature without the cost cutting.
  5. Poll: What aspect of CT Are you Unhappy With

    Bored of hearing the same hand waving responses. Yes, we know it's hard to build a great truck. We know tech cost money, and efficient design is difficult. It's why we have the garbage truck market we have now. We knew it was hard to build the Cybertruck when they announced it. We didn't...
  6. Poll: What aspect of CT Are you Unhappy With

    Lol. I don't give a shit what other companies can do. Tesla said they could, and can't. I'm not in my feels, even a little bit. It's a $100 deposit, not a blood oath. I think it genuinely sucks that they couldn't deliver what they said they could. I'm buying the AWD when my number...
  7. We not gonna talk about the baseball?

    Lol, over 2 years behind and still in a rush. An embarrassing event for sure. Elon literally hid in the darkness and didn't have the balls to talk price or range to the public. The baseball was just the cringey cherry on top.
  8. Poll: What aspect of CT Are you Unhappy With

    Completely misses the point and you know it. This wasn't supposed to be any other truck, it was supposed to be different. This was supposed to accelerate ev driving. It was supposed to change auto manufacturering. It hasn't even come close. It still might get there sure, but it's 2 years...
  9. OFFICIAL 2024 Cybertruck Pricing, Specs, Mileage/Range, Dimensions, Weight, Info

    With all due respect, f*** truck guys. They've been making and driving the same truck for 70+ years, with very little improvement. I'm of the opinion that this truck will soundly handle anything any other medium duty truck can handle, except side load a pallet of concrete. But yeah...
  10. Storage boxes accessory below 2nd row seat when folded up

    This isn't an airport, no need to announce your arrival or departure. They delivered a truck that was 60% more expensive, with 40% less range 2 years later than promised. There's gonna be some discussion.
  11. Poll: What aspect of CT Are you Unhappy With

    Lol I don't understand the tough guy I told you so dudes like this. Congrats you get your dream of paying more for less truck!!
  12. Range Extender Battery Pack increases range to 470+ miles and costs $16K 🔋

    Want to go 100 miles further and make your truck not a truck anymore? ... I know a guy.
  13. OFFICIAL 2024 Cybertruck Pricing, Specs, Mileage/Range, Dimensions, Weight, Info

    Do you want a truck or 450 miles cause you ain't getting both. That extender is ridiculous. Bad day for optimist and even realist. Good day for doomers.
  14. So Beast Mode is Basically Pointless for $20k more

    Not knocking the hobby. It was hyperbole to convey the point... It's been put into a higher tax bracket.
  15. So Beast Mode is Basically Pointless for $20k more

    All 87 people on Earth who can take a 100k truck offroading are gonna love it.
  16. Confirmed: 11,000 lbs tow rating / 2,500 lbs payload capacity (official specs)! + Shatter-resistant glass

    There is 8 cubic feet in the frunk that is a far superior locker for tools with better access than any bed tool box that also greatly reduces bed capacity. If it's cheaper to run and maintain, fleet companies will buy the CT in droves. The main sticking point with fleet vehicles will be...