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  1. How close will the final truck be to this?

    They could use laser lights.
  2. Need a referral link!

    Yes but they can add it if you did not have one before you finalize.
  3. Need a referral link!

    When you order not preorder is when you need it.
  4. Need a referral link!

    Use my referral link to receive 1,000 free Supercharger miles with the purchase and delivery of a new Tesla car, or earn a $250 award after system activation by purchasing or subscribing to solar panels:
  5. Post your Cybertruck preorder reservation number!

    Well the real answer is complicated. Depending on how you look at it GM owes at minimum 11B plus 7 percent interest since 2010. Or they owe a whole bunch more as they paid of the loan with loaned TARP funds so did they really pay it off at all. Here is a link that discusses it...
  6. Model S hits 1M km in 5 years

    Go look at tesloop they document all there cars and share it.
  7. Tesla Cybertruck Render Imagines Changes Required To Reach Production

    Ditch the stainless and I will cancel my reservation. I like all the defined edges. Tires are lame as well the nes on the prototype look legal to me.
  8. Cybertruck bed width...?

    If they keep the T Slots in the bed you will be able to do all sorts of fun stuff.
  9. Cybertruck bed width...?

    Side note I hope they keep the slotted bed and L-track in production truck.
  10. Cybertruck bed width...?

    I read in a online article it was 57”. It could have been the motortrend article. But not 100% sure.
  11. Side step, roof rack, and dogs

    I read there was a pass through or will be a pass through to the bed. So maybe that could work? I am hoping that the cover keeps the bed dry when closed.
  12. How close will the final truck be to this?

    Tesla has applied for a change to side mirror requirement as well as Toyota to allow cameras in place of side mirrors. The next 60 days it is open for comment on NHTSA.
  13. Perhaps they could produce a smaller Cybertruck, given how well the truck is accepted

    Tesla could shrink the semi design make room for passengers and they would crush the market.
  14. Post your Cybertruck preorder reservation number!

    I don’t need or want Tesla to be the biggest. Look at Toyota when they tried, look at what it took for VW Group, etc. I just want them to continue to innovate and make the best products for the money paid.
  15. Post your Cybertruck preorder reservation number!

    Tesla does seem to be on the right path. Since the model 3 they have 250-500k worth of pre-orders per model by the time the car ships. Only losing 30-35 percent of orders. They have approximately 20 billion in long term debt VW has 159B, GM averages about 200B and that does not include the...
  16. Charging Speed per Voltage

    You can get a DCFC 25kw Charger(200 amp) for about 10k and will add roughly 124 miles per 30 minutes. But in real world the Tesla Charger with 100a feed will be more than enough. Plus we don’t know what Tesla will do to the truck and what chargers they could have put by then.